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  1. I assume you have a by-reference design (for instance a DVR in a class), you should use a constant class S25FL016A as input for the NI-845X 'Initialize', in your SPI 'Initialize' you call the parent method. Now in the S25FL016A-method, you use a 'To More Generic' class with an SPI constant. However I am wondering if you design is correct. (I might misinterpreted your UML). But I read that S25FL016A overrides SPI which overrides NI-845X. Now I don't think that's a good design, the SPI is part of the NI-845X, not a more specific type. Your NI-845X should have a member of the SPI type, on the 'Intialize' method of SPI, you feed a reference to the owner (not parent) class. Now you have access to the owner of the SPI inside the SPI class, and you can have 'Community' methods in the NI-854X class that are accessible by the SPI class. Ton
  2. Ik raad Pinout v 1.0 aan. Ga naar de koppelingen vanaf uw Android-apparaatPinout v 1.0 (...

  3. If you have the email notification enabled, they should be stored in you mail-box as well. Ton
  4. RhodeCode 1.5.2: Mercurial and Git repository browser/management with build in push/pull server and full text search http://t.co/QHbQAXC1

  5. I think the 'Announcements' forum suits best your needs. It's being used by companies to publish releases of there software, so yours should just fit in! Ton
  6. Hi flarn, could you add this (and possible other interesting events) to the LabVIEW wiki page dedicated to such events? http://labviewwiki.org/Private_methods Regards, Ton
  7. OK, but now someone comes to you and says he owns the bike, but lost the keys (and the spare keys). And it's a bike of €2000. Now the story is whole different. Ton
  8. O Darren a lot interesting would happen if @lavag wasn't offline ( @crelfpro kick that server)

  9. I would sent Symbio/Endevo an email, normally they respond very fast on enquiries like this. However they work with a yearly renewal license, perhaps it's expired? Ton
  10. RT @marcinkuzminski: Lance Armstrong bug, when code never fails a test, performs better than expected, but does something illegal.

  11. You are wrong. Stealing is easy, and if you are offering such services you should be very picky about who you help. You should ask for a written statement from the requester, store that together with the original VI and resulted VI. You should verify that the requester is indeed the IP owner (look at the VI history etc.) THIS IS NOT ANY ADVICE THAT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. AND I WILL NOT BE HELD LIABLE. However I'm glad that NI is improving the security of secured VIs. If they hadn't they had said 'We don't value this function of LabVIEW'. Putting a lock on something is sometimes just symbolical (like a bike lock in Amsterdam), and sometimes real (like a door-lock on your house). However in both caes it's illegal to open the lock with anything else than the key. Ton
  12. Well not really an event, but you can wait until new data is available (just like queue). Ton
  13. Hello All, my wife and I are seriously considering moving to New Zealand (Southland more specifically). So if you know of a LabVIEW (related) job, or one in a technical environment in the Invercargill/Gore/Dunedin region please let me know. My educational background is a bachelor in Applied Phisics at the Rijswijk Insitute of technology. I am fluently in English, Dutch and a mediocre understanding of German and French. LabVIEW related you can see examples of my work on the LAVA code repository (for instance: Variant Probe, Boolean XControl or an SHA toolkit) or on Bitbucket (JSON-web API interfacing, PHP programming). I have experience with the following LabVIEW extensions: VIPM JKI state machine toolkit Endevo GOOP toolkit ADDq g# toolkit Desktop execution trace toolkit And the following LabVIEW technologies:Goop Data storage DAQmx Serial GPIB Queues User interfaces (event handling, pane resizing) API design Windows system 32 .Net webservices Data analysis System deployment My work the last few years has included the following subjects: Data analysis System identification Electrical engineering System maintenance Computer/network design & maintenance User satisfaction Version control (Mercurial, Visual Sourcesafe, Subversion) Issue tracking (Mantis) Server maintenance (linux, windows) Knowledge base maintenance My personal interests are software development and development tools, open source, computer technology, science fiction, volleyball). I am looking for a full time job, but starting parttime is an option as well. If you have something or a good redirect for me I would be gratefull. Regards, Ton Plomp
  14. Well the difference between a queue and a notifier is that notifier data is available after read, but you can get event like behavriou upon update. Ton
  15. I cannot upload either. It appears that since my upload on 27 december, no uploads are accepted. Could it be a Y2k13 bug? Ton
  16. I just voted for 'Detect LabVIEW as a programming language' - what do you think? #labview #masterbranch http://t.co/w7KfffKQ

  17. Have you tried the non-flash uploader? Ton
  18. Have you looked at this (changing GAC version), it mentions that it works from 8.5 but perhaps. Ton
  19. What exactly have you tried? Without code it's hard to say. Have tried to blink one of the booleans? Or re they in an array? If so I doubt if it's even possible. Ton
  20. In the menu bar 'Forums' and 'Members' are shown twice: See attachment Ton
  21. RT @lavag: Struggling to edit your polymorphic @labview VIs? Try the community "Polymorphic VI Editor" - download here: http://t.co/Im1YzOAO

  22. Polymorphic VI Editor v1.0.1 released. Small bugfix, and upgraded to LabVIEW 2011 @lavag http://t.co/tGxFGXEO @labview

  23. So you 'Cant have your cake and eat it too' Fast or beauty. Pick one. (and I don't find the formula box 'beautiful' ) Ton
  24. I've used the Wiki to document the different XControls capabilities (some observations and tricks). document the Code Capture Tool document Mercurial integration These are items that go beyond the LabVIEW help and is stuff I would share on our internal Wiki, however by sharing it public this information is widely available. Ton
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