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  1. If you have setup merging (or three way diff) properly, you can call the merge tool from within TortoiseHG (note to self: 'write a blog post showing this) That is correct for showing/sharing more that one repository at a time you'll need apache or the like. However I have chosen Rhodecode as the backend instead of HGweb since it features some management tasks (access control, forking, grouping and hooks). See the documentation for more detail. Ton
  2. Hi Joe, your code looks interesting! Any thought on uploading it to the CR? Ton
    1. lvb


      Thanks for all of the hard work. This looks great...

  3. asbo is ritght, initializing the serial port on every run is going to ruin speed on your VI. For the parsing, which eleven bytes do you need? (and a word is generally 2 bytes, so you cannot get 11 bytes from that). Create a VI that takes an example set of 4080 bytes that outputs your wanted data. Ton
  4. I don't have a 'Drag Enter?' event but Drag Enter is executed. However I can only drop on the border or scroll bar of the subpanel. Ton
  5. Report your bugs otherwise they will never be fixed! Bugreporting works: http://t.co/q2577zGY

  6. Hi Hoovah, that was a bug on my side indeed. An array nested inside another array would cause this by trying to recursively call a non-recursive VI. V 2.4.1 fixes this. Ton
  7. Updated the Variant Probe at @lavag : http://t.co/AY2DzYcw Adds immediate redraw if properties are changed.

  8. The LAVA CR doesn't have LV2012 as a platform option
  9. The picture I posted is a snippet, click on it, and from the new browser window, drag and drop it into your LabVIEW block diagram. Ton
  10. Have you ever looked at the 'Variant Probe/XControl'? Here's the output plotted (on my comma seperated computer): Ton
  11. I saw one possible race condition in 'value'. There was no data-dependency between 'white' and 'global' (white calls global internally). Adding that fixed it it on my PC. Ton
  12. My first advice is to stop using the DAQ express VIs for this task. Create a task in MAX that has two channels and an output rate of 500 Hz. (that's how your square wave is set up. Then use the following code. (I have altered your square wave generation to output 500 samples per iteration). Please try to understand the VI I uploaded. Ton
  13. Dragged a #LabVIEW snippet from #Opera into #LV2011 AND IT WORKED

  14. I'm relying on HG. Have never really worked with Git since I'm happy with HG. Since you don't have the time to dive into the SCC system you want to use I would advice you to go with HG, it's just harder to mess up. I haven't had stability issues with HG (Workbench). What are you going to setup as a server? If you have the time (approx. half a day), setting up rhodecode on a linux server is a good idea. It gives you user management and a web-interface beyond the shipped webserver of HG. Ton
  15. I don't think it's about the class, but more about the object. Before the 'Preserve RT Class' it's not recognized as the Dynamic Dispatch object. Ton
  16. I have not tested this, but I think you need the 'Preserve runtime class' is because for dynamic dispatching you need the same (not branched) class data between the input and output. Sine you use variant to class you have a branch, by using the 'preserve runtime class' you instruct LabVIEW that it is indeed the same data. Ton
  17. Opera reacts differently for the right mouse button per tab-indicator. Ton
  18. Minh, good catch that the 'FixedTabDimension' does not only return the Fixed tab sizes. I've cleaned up your example with the OpenG Rectangle Tools. (no need to install the OpenG tools to run this example). Of course this could be expanded for different tab arrangements. Ton
  19. You can use the mouse-down event so get the coordinates. However to get this working properly you'll need to set the tab-page to fixed: If you cannot live with the tabpages of fixed length, you could detect the width-algorithm that LabVIEW is using by debugging. Using the string-picture VIs you could get some info. Ton
  20. Don't worry about passwords ever again, sign up for LastPass now! https://t.co/gKXdxRmE #Personal note: It's faboulus!

  21. Try to run your code in execution high-lighting mode. This will show that your loop will wait on the event of the menu button. You can change this by adding a timeout of 100 ms (making your loop run every 100 ms.) However I advise you to look at some training. NI has 3 and 6 hours online courses (I believe they are free), or read a book. LabVIEW for everyone is a good start. Ton
  22. I can understand if your english isn't that good. But I cannot see the point of your first post. You took some time to create it (copying the file names, creating s creenshot). But still don't understand what you mean (perhaps in German??). EDIT: after rereading I can understand.... But could you explain what is wrong with the NI installer? But mysteriously my popup vanished from LabVIEW. Ton
  23. Adding a plugin system allowing someone to add a feature like this is something Yair and I have discussed. Features could include, Facebook, twitter/twitpic or uploading to an FTP site. It's a good thing to discuss, however implementing such a plugin system might be more work than what we think. If you want to build one, you can look at the VI in: vi.lib\LAVA\_Code Capture Tool\CCT Class\Software\Methods\CopyToClipboard\CCT_Copy Data to Clipboard__CCT.vi This is my attempt to upload images to Imgur, however the API of imgur was changed somehow, so I could not reliable perform that action. To enable the URL option (that uses Imgur), change the VI in vi.lib\LAVA\_Code Capture Tool\CCT Class\Software\Utilities\ListBoxItems__CCT.vi. Add the string 'URL' to the array inside 'Clipboard.Items': Ton
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