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  1. Ever thought of taking a second job as a linguist?
  2. SV's are great to work with when they finally get working. It just seems to involve too many steps to get them going. I can go through all the trouble of mass-creating them in Excel, but then they have to be deployed, then they have to be initialized. Right now I have over 2K SVs and it takes a while to deploy them all. Most issues like this concern me because a customer or the client I'm working for will be sitting right next to me as we are walking through and tweaking the code when he asks me: "why do you need to read a SV before it will work ?" or "why do you need to deploy every time you change a SV?" I'm OK with saying "I don't know" and it's not important enough to the customer for me to track down an answer. But it's still a little clunky to me the way SV's work.
  3. The first time I used SV's that fact kicked my butt in a major way. For this reason alone I think SV's are poorly implemented in LV and could use a "service pack".
  4. "No no no no no ... wait. Global warming will destroy life on earth!!!" "... no no no no no ... now we are calling it "Climate Change". " " ... no no no no ... " "Now we are calling it """""""""Global Climate Disruption""""" " Global warming/"climate change"/ "global climate disruption" heretics/deniers now return you to your normal LAVA broadcasting ...
  5. I think it's a good idea that seems to have come and gone but needs to return. I am fortunate enough to have 2009 and 2010 so I'm OK without a viewer - for now. But that wasn't the case just a few months ago when the latest version I had access to was 8.6. If anything having a viewer would allow someone to be able to look at block diagrams in versions above the one you have access to. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten frustrated because I can't look at someone else's code or an example here or on the Dark Side because it was written in a later version.
  6. Of course. I've been around since LV 5. But it was not free. 8.6 didn't need a "service pack" that required a fee or yearly service agreement. Maybe I didn't bang on 8.6 hard enough, and my app now with 2009 is shared variable intensive. However, shared variables to me are vanilla, bread-and-butter LV functions and should not give me any more trouble than anything else - but they have. Finally. After all these new releases. Count me in the group of "customers". Good. Thanks. I rest my case.
  7. I would stick with 8.6 for now. Trust me. My latest app is in 2009 and I experience multiple crashes daily. Thank God someone at NI thought up the brilliant "Recover" after a crash back in the day of 8.0? 8.20? I am STILL extremely concerned that 2009 required a "Service Pack". My multiple daily crashes only fuel my anxiety. I was was very comfortable with 8.6. I beat the hell out it daily for over a year and had little (if any) issues. My client recently received his upgrade to LV 2010 and I told him: "absolutely NOT".
  8. PaulG.


    Ummmmmmm .... no. USofA American males have done "bromance" since before our Revolution, but no testicle hugging here.
  9. Dittos dittos dittos. Abort prevents the remaining code from completing, including any safety shutdown routines, file closings, power-downs, etc. That is all the ammo you need. Period.
  10. Fun indeed. If you have the time I would take some of it to learn scripting. Half of my fun with LV is finding when I can turn something tedious into a coding challenge.
  11. I have had a really bad feeling about NI's attempt to have yearly version releases since the 2009 "Service Pack". What you are doing is beta testing. I did some beta testing on 2010 and found a bug in less than an hour. Sounds like Marketing and Management has taken over at NI. "Take off your engineering hat and put on your management hat". Analytical? You're a bigger man than I. I would be fuming.
  12. Hmmm. I would be curious to see the "NOT" 7-segment display. You would have to be fairly young to not know what a 7-segment display is.
  13. PaulG.


    Do I win anything for being the post-ee? Congrats jgcode.
  14. You could start in a lot worse places. Hang in there. Don't get discouraged. Have fun. Be humble, listen and learn. I have been at this for over 12 years and I'm still loving it. LV ROCKS.
  15. Will I kill my LV 8.5? I don't want a clean install. Just an upgrade. Anyone tried this? Thanks in advance for any advice and/or observations.
  16. I've been abandoned at work while other LV elites went to Austin a few times as well. But I sure got a lot more done without all the interruptions.
  17. "LabVIEW Rhapsody" Freakin' awesome.
  18. Just get a numeric constant and type NaN inside. (Curses! Foiled by Shaun again!) Don't you have a job?
  19. And we can start calling newbies "neolabviewologists"
  20. I think I got. A cluster is a data structure where that structure never changes, so in that respect it's a constant data type. The values inside the data type are irrelevant. But I think I'll stick with calling a cluster inside it's own VI a "clustersaursus". I've worked for too many physicists. I'm starting to get paranoid.
  21. I'll have to go back and read your discussion with Q. Thanks everyone for your great input.
  22. The most difficult concept I learned in C were pointers. I was still fairly knew at LabVIEW at the time and I wish my instructor just would have said: "a pointer is like a reference in LabVIEW". After all these years my understanding of the two is the same. I agree with you. The terms "pointers" and "references" are used interchangably.
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