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  1. I remember firing one of these at a company gun club phone book shoot-out one saturday afternoon ... about kicked me into next week. LOL's all around ... at my expense.
  2. Although it may take decades I see graphical programming as the future of virtually all programming. It is simply much easier, more powerful and more intuitive to present information and direct information and data visually. If that were not the case we would all still be typing print:doc As far as teaching graphical programming to children goes: the younger the better. Bring on the future.
  3. Did Australia's obsession with global warming contribute to the Brisbane floods?
  4. Gee ... all I asked was a simple question.
  5. That would certainly have been a less expensive approach to what I did. One place I worked was so noisy that out of necessity I felt the need/excuse to buy noise cancelling headphones. Good and expensive ones. Music sounded incredible but they didn't work well enough in that environment if I wanted silence.
  6. I can honestly say I'm on both sides of the fence on this issue. What Wilileaks has been doing, to their credit, is doing the job the media is supposed to be doing but refuses to do. Our Founding Fathers here in the US explicitly gave us freedom of speach for the specific job of keeping an eye on things and putting the word out when they thought something wasn't right. On the other hand, I can see where the individual who discloses classified information is a disgruntled coward. But I don't see where this is the fault of Wikileaks.
  7. Remove distractions. All of them. I simply cannot "get into a zone" very easily in a cube farm or with a radio on or phones ringing in the din and giggles of a typical office. Music is hit or miss. Sometimes some jazz or something Jeff Beck-ish helps me concentrate. White noise (where I work now - total bliss) or total silence works best for me. As far as cutting off the internet goes, I simply cannot do that. I need THIS place too often.
  8. I simply don't have a lot of time for TV.
  9. I don't watch Mythbusters but I hear they use a lot of NI stuff and LV.
  10. Just out of curiosity: Besides the CERN HLC does anyone out there know of other high-visibility/"famous" projects that are running in LV?

  12. Good luck with that. DSC is not well documented. The best you can do is read whatever you kind find searching "DSC" at NI. There are a few tutorials available as well but no in-depth info you might be looking for.
  13. Why would you want to do that? Some of us are over-rated.
  14. My current app is looking a lot like this. I like the enum state machines as well. I only use the text-based state machine if I need something simple, fast and dirty.
  15. Big Ten 0-5 so far. And I still HATE the SEC.

  16. Season's Greeting to you, too, Fudu. O! H!
  17. I would have to go along with the new probe window. And the icon editor is CRAP. And the lack of any real new design of front panel controls - ever.
  18. I once worked for a company that built a device that collected very large volumes of air samples and concentrated the particulate matter of those air samples into a fluid. It had to work in a wide range of temperatures and humidities and the sample size had to be consistent. The hotter and drier the ambient air the more fluid had to be dumped into the device to get the correct sample size and vice-versa and every combination in-between. To determine the correct flow rate for each combination of temperature and humidity manually would have taken months. So I had LabVIEW, an environmental test chamber, the "blower" that collected the air sample, the "collector" (kind of looked like a small stainless steel horn with tubes running in and out of it), syringe pumps, feet and feet of teflon tubing wrapped in brass wire transferring fluids all over the place, lab stands and jacks holding everything together, a balance, a pump that emptied the sample cup sitting on the balance, etc. etc. My LabVIEW code ran it all unattended for days at a time. It looked like a prop from a science fiction B movie. She was a real beaut. I had a blast putting that thing together and even more fun just watching it run.
  19. Me. LV is all I ever want to do for a living. And so far, so good. It's been a hoot.
  20. Looks exactly like the kind of thing I'm looking for. I'll give it a whirl.
  21. My main application controls various tests in 18 different test cells. From my "Main" vi I call up a test cell, test type, parameters, etc. The test grabs a template vi, loads the parameters and this template copy becomes the display and control of that particular test. To reduce screen clutter users can close the running test front panel but can re-open it if they want to check the status of the test later. Problem: a couple of the managers want to monitor these tests from their desks. That does not sound like much of a problem except I want the managers to see the status only and not have any of the functionality of the test interface. What I want: I thought you could call a vi by it's reference and look at it's front panel remotely. No functioning, just display the front panel. But I can't seem to find exactly how to do this without getting into remote front panels which seem like overkill for what I am trying to do. Suggestions?
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