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  1. We are in a little bit of discussion in info-LabVIEW concerning someone's idea of wanting shift registers available in stacked sequences. Yes. You read correctly. I don't need to start that discussion here because I already know how >90% already feel about that. However, a comment stirred up a question in me: Define "abstraction layers" as they pertain to Global warming/"climate change" LabVIEW applications. Thank you.
  2. There is no way my company would pay for me to go. I'm still trying to get my managers to appreciate why it's better for me to have a quite place to work.
  3. From the CRU press release: "Another area for suggested improvement is in the archiving of data and algorithms, and in recording exactly what was done." So they admit they threw out the raw data. Am I the only one who still thinks this smells like a SCAM? Un frackin' believable.
  4. I think Jim is one of those rare LV gods who displays his controls as icons. Controls are displayed as icons in his book as well. Who are we to argue with the great Jim Kring? Maybe his eyes are not working as well as they used to.
  5. I'm not sure what happened, but I reinstalled LV 8.6.1 and tried the patch again - backing up the "patched" files first . The patch installed just fine this time. I have been having some licensing issues since I upgraded to 8.6 last year and I think I got that resolved using a different license number when reinstalling it this morning. This little adventure helped me resolve an issue I've been fighting for over a year. And no loss of productivity, either since most of my Thursday mornings are spent in meetings.
  6. I have 8.6.1, installed this "patch" this morning and it killed my LV software. If customer service can't help me out it looks like I have to do a reinstall. Update: Just got off with NI. Seems this patch is for the base development system only. I have the Pro. My bad. I still have to remove and reinstall, though.
  7. An interesting comparison between the iPad and Kindle.
  8. Dropbox looks kinda cool. But Jott was kinda cool, too, and I got hooked on it ... then it wasn't free anymore.
  9. This is funky behavior for a primitive. I've seen more than one bug caused by a close VI button accessible to the user. I would rather write my own VI and leave this "feature" out.
  10. Taking a tip from the University of East Anglia by purging raw data and leaving only "value-added" data.
  11. Thorium. The New Green Nuke. Thoriumenergy.com Energyfromthorium If a schlub like me, holding a real 7-5 job can still find time to investigate alternatives, what does that say about all of our elected "leaders"?
  12. Where "climate change" meets your wallet. Enter your adjusted gross income, submit and scroll down to the bottom. It will tell you how much you are going to pay for just once small part of this scam.
  13. From the article: "The chair has been challenged over his other interests. Lord Oxburgh is currently president of the Carbon Capture and Storage Association and chairman of wind energy firm Falck Renewables. " This entire scam is being perpetrated by a bunch of frauds with conflicts of interest.
  14. Wiki is your friend. Start from there.
  15. Neither do I. My most recent attempt (out of a couple) was last year trying to get TortoiseSVN to work with just me as the developer. For some reason Subversion refuses to play nice with me and I gave up. I was the only developer and made backups every single day and archived the old ones so it didn't matter, right? Well I've been listening to the LV gods and have decided it still needs to get done. So yesterday I started playing with Mercurial. Today I installed TortoiseHG. Already I've had better luck with this setup than I ever had with SVN. And so just a few hours ago I ceremoniously uninstalled Subversion from my system (YES! ) Seems like a good time for me since I'm reorganizing and building more reuse libraries. We shall see how it goes. I'm optimistic.
  16. I'm integrating Mercurial and re-organizing reuse libraries along with documentation as we speak. I just finished cleaning up an 8-month-old mess. My code is in shambles. I don't need another headache. You have my gratitude.
  17. Here! Here! Passwords. Arghhhh! I hate the damn things. I have some code here written by a previous developer. Once in a while I'll stumble upon a vi that can only be opened with a password. And of course, I don't know the password. I have to delete the vi and recreate it the best I can. Trust me. Judging by what I can read from this guy he wasn't that clever. And I am the crazed psychopath who inherited his code. Fortunately for him I don't know where he lives.
  18. Wear sunscreen.

  19. I'm not sure I know what you are talking about. Do you mean "Functional Global Variable"? More info here.
  20. We need more women in engineering.
  21. I did the same thing ... but tacked it up in my cube for inspiration ... next to my growing collection of "facepalm" de-motivational pictures.
  22. I'm the same way but I think there is more to doing it that way than just "style". I don't think I've ever seen an application where a reference was closed in a subvi. It just doesn't seem to make much sense. To me that would be a good example of code obfuscation.
  23. What if this turns out to be nothing more than an April Fools joke?
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