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  1. This thread got me to reorganize my workspace and project structure to most importantly improve load and build times and reuse workflow. It came to me as a surprise that LVLIB's although great in some ways force static links to everything in the library. I had previously seen this with classes but for some reason didn't expect the same from LVLIB's. Anyway, I ended up breaking apart a lot of reuse code and restructuring a large project. This seemed obviously a pretty daunting task at first and I was looking to utilize the "links" application by JackDunaway/Wirelabs. Unfortunately, I didn't man
  2. Right you were. I was looking for the examples in the wrong place earlier. Grouping into a transactions definitely did the trick. Thank you very much for quick support.
  3. I was very curious about this library and thought I'll give it a spin to see if I can use it in my application. In the first test, however, I already ran into a game stopper with the insert speed. Perhaps I'm doing something all wrong—you can take a look at the test code—but utilizing the "INSERT many rows Template code.vi", that to my knowledge should be an efficient method, I'm getting around 10-20 inserts per second. That's more than an order of magnitude less than what I was expecting or what I'd need. Is this normal or should we try to find an issue here? Other than that, the
  4. Just to add to this, in case someone else also finds this thread while googling about the problem, the "Grayed Out" seemingly applies an alpha mask that is of the same color as the natural background of the widget. Has anyone discovered a way to reimplement the grayed out effect?
  5. I made a thread on the NI forums about my problem as well: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Build-Specifications-Programmatically-Adjusting-quot-Source-File/td-p/2857418
  6. I was looking to automatize defining the build specifications as well but I never did scripting of this sort before, so I'm a little lost. Basically I wanted to take care of, well, this http://zone.ni.com/reference/en-XX/help/371361K-01/lvhowto/compiler_optimizing_for_execution_speed/ (400+ VI's, Select each VI and clickety click click... NOPE). Anyway, I didn't get much further than being able to edit the tags I saw were already there. How would I, for instance, go through every source file/VI and define both of those properties (Uncheck "Use VI Property" and "Allow Debugging")?
  7. Same here. I have LV2013 and Avast2014, can't even seem to find a way to restore the file, it's not in the "virus chest" at least.
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