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  1. I feel confident in claiming that I use Quick Drop more than anyone on this planet. I use these shortcuts (Remove and Rewire, Insert) dozens of times a day. I've never seen the instability y'all are talking about. No crashes, no "corrupt control references". I've also never seen a CAR reported on these issues either. I'm not discounting the fact that y'all are experiencing these issues. Believe me, I hate it as much as anyone when the car repair guy tells you that there's no way your automobile can be malfunctioning in the way you describe. But if y'all are seeing these issues as frequently as you claim, why have I not received a bug report that I can investigate? I realize that it's sometimes hard to get things into a reproducible state that can be reported. But hopefully y'all also realize there's not much I can do when the first I hear of these issues in 8 years of the feature's existence is on this LAVA thread.
  2. There is currently no way to reload the error text file contents without a LabVIEW restart.
  3. Laura and I will be there. We're looking forward to seeing everybody again!
  4. Darren

    VI macros?

    Oops, spoke too soon. I saw these in an internal build image and assumed they were in the installer. They are not, so they will not be in the LabVIEW 2016 install. Sorry to get y'all's hopes up.
  5. Darren

    VI macros?

    I think ShaunR wrote a .vim that provided the ability to name user events, but it didn't work quite right?
  6. Darren

    VI macros?

    Jeff added 6 .vims to [LabVIEW 2016]\user.lib\macros, including the Norm.vim he mentioned.
  7. There is an undocumented, unsupported API for scripting FPGA nodes. Take a look in this folder and see what you can find: [LabVIEW 20xx]\vi.lib\rvi\ClientSDK
  8. I talk about which references should be closed vs. which ones you don't have to worry about closing in my Brainless LabVIEW presentation.
  9. Assuming you have an easy way to get all the child classes into memory, something like this should do the trick:
  10. I've noticed similar behavior for other abilities. For example, if you click the drop-down on an Error Ring, then click cancel, your VI still gets a dirty dot even though you didn't change anything. I don't know of any way around this behavior.
  11. I honestly don't remember making that change. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. Only Perforce knows for sure.
  12. Other than the error input/output, the functionality of the VIs didn't change. I'm not seeing an error when reading an entire file. I am seeing a *warning* 4 when specifying a number of rows to read greater than the size of the file, is that what you're referring to?
  13. We deprecated those VIs in LabVIEW 2015 and created new ones that use error in/error out instead of embedded error handlers:
  14. I don't know of a way to do this. If somebody else does, please post here, as it's a gap in the functionality of the Quick Drop VI Server Rename shortcut (ships with LabVIEW 2010 and later) that I'd like to fill.
  15. There are undocumented, unsupported scripting APIs for the FPGA nodes located here: vi.lib\rvi\ClientSDK\Core\Script I have talked about this API a few times on the NI forums, as have others. You can google that vi.lib path to find some of the posts related to this topic.
  16. The Mouse Position value passed in to your plugin gives you the location of the right-click. Future questions about right-click plugins should be posted to the community page here: http://www.ni.com/lvmenus
  17. This is a demo from the presentation Stephen and I gave at NIWeek 2015 regarding the new right-click plugin feature in LabVIEW 2015. You can get the slides for the presentation, along with all the demos (including the spell checker), and a demo script, here: http://www.ni.com/lvmenus Note that the spell check right-click demo requires that you have the VI Analyzer Toolkit for LabVIEW 2015 installed, as it uses the dictionary provided by the VI Analyzer's Spell Check test.
  18. Thanks for the rec. I've been looking for a cheap tablet to run LabVIEW apps on, this one looks like it will fit the bill, so I snagged one from the online microsoft store.
  19. Monday Inspecting Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer - 3:30, room 17B Tuesday Augmenting Right-Click Menus in LabVIEW 2015 - 3:30, room 16B (co-presenting with Stephen Loftus-Mercer) Inspecting Your LabVIEW Code with the VI Analyzer (encore) - 4:45, room 16B The VI Analyzer presentation has already been recorded here, and all the demo/slide materials are currently posted here. So my feelings won't be hurt if y'all go see somebody else's presentation (like Norm's) and just watch my recording later.
  20. Ah cool, yeah, that seems like it would work.
  21. I tried it, and the probe UI will update when the Fire and Forget VI runs, even if the probe itself is idle. I saw my probe happily incrementing while its owning VI was idle. The biggest snag will be figuring out how to stop the Fire and Forget VI. It continues running even after the probe UI is closed.
  22. This is the approach that I've seen taken for this issue...you have to do all the work you would normally do in the NI.LV.Dialog app instance in the app instance that owns the VI from which you launched the Tools utility:
  23. Here's a Quick Drop shortcut that will do a recursive typedef disconnection: https://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-37041
  24. I am not aware of a way to script a dotted property. It's been one of my top requests for scripting for years now, because of how frequently I use the Ctrl-Shift-B shortcut in Quick Drop to rename a property/invoke node...I can't set "Label.Text", and it drives me crazy!
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