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  1. Please is it possible to obtein a 7.0 version of your LLB ? Are you sure that run ok with FDS ? regards Eric
  2. hi Is it possible to have a 7.0 version of your Vi ? Please I have only FDS 7.0 and not PDS. Can I create polymorphic Vi too ? Regards Eric
  3. Thanks for your help , but it's a 7.1 but not 7.0 and i can open it. Can you convert it to 7.0 ? I have just look at Icon fixer.vi Regards Eric
  4. Hi I want to no if it's possible and how calling the icon editor by program in labview 7.0. I try to create an llb editor more convenient and want put a possibity to modify icon. Perhapse some one have creat icon editor (in 7.0) that i can at to my program with is permission I want to send my program to Lavag community when i have finish. Regards Eric
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