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  1. Hello I have send you last few days my llb (llb and Vi Explorer.llb) and like i haven't news i start to think there is problem with my send. regards Eric BOBILLIER
  2. Hi all Have you see that we have a free (i think) graphics library with labview (exist in 7.0, after i don't know) . Look at : National Instruments\Shared\Graphics and run symfac1.exe Regards Eric
  3. Hi all In fact Create_Poly_Instances_7_0.llb run good in 7.0. The problem i have find in precedent post don't came of this llb. Regards Eric
  4. Hi Chris I have test your Vi's in 7.0 and find 2 bugs (1 minor and 1 major) The minor is that you don't test if "Create numeric control.vi" exist before delete it. Like at the first run it don't, then that crash. The major : when ,after creation , you put the ""Create numeric control.vi" in another new Vi, and right click on it , LABIEW stop and close immediately Without warnning. If see on my precedent post on "+create polymorphic Vi programmaticaly" discution you can see have the same problem . In fact it's normal because i have used your Empty polymorphic Vi to creat the template of the "Creat poly instances 7_0.llb" software. I think than Empty polymorphic Vi is corrupt for 7.0 or there is special information inside (tag?) who creat that to forbid to use it if you have only PDS. Tnt have testing one slamp of polymorphic vi create with "Creat poly instances 7_0.llb" software and tell me that run ok in 7.1.1 and don't see the problem. Is it possible to create another Empty polymorphic Vi for testing it? Have you creat this template with FDS 7.0 or FDS7.1.1 (and back convert it in 7.0) Regards Eric
  5. Hi again In fact there is always a bug. Now Ican create a Polymorphic Vi , i can place it on new Vi, Place Wire on it. But if i right click on it, labview stop and close immediately, without any error message (big crash). I send you a copie of my polymorphic Vi to see if you have same problem. I have test that on 2 PC and see same things. Regards Eric :headbang: Download File:post-5178-1162980110.zip
  6. Many thanks at all (chrisdavis,PJM,Dsaunders,....) for there work. I have modify the creat_Poly_instances_7_0.llb for running ok (see my precedent post) and send you a copy. Regards Eric :thumbup: Download File:post-5178-1162975495.llb
  7. Yes, but like i don't have PDS (just FDS) i can't creat this template. It's be very cool if somebody can do it for me. Regards Eric
  8. Thanks for your help :thumbup: , but that's don't run. :headbang: At start it's ok, but when i push "generate" there is an error message,who tell me that " Can't open the ref of vi in creatPolymorphism Instances(stingSM)___.... (reason: this VI is in more new version than your labview version" And when i look at working folder, i see a VI(POLY).Vi creat, but in 7.1 format. I look at code and I think it's in the Empty Polymorphic VI.vi template who is write for 7.1 Do you know if it's possible ,and how, modify this template to be compatible with 7.0 ? Regards Eric
  9. Please is it possible to obtein a 7.0 version of your LLB ? Are you sure that run ok with FDS ? regards Eric
  10. hi Is it possible to have a 7.0 version of your Vi ? Please I have only FDS 7.0 and not PDS. Can I create polymorphic Vi too ? Regards Eric
  11. Thanks for your help , but it's a 7.1 but not 7.0 and i can open it. Can you convert it to 7.0 ? I have just look at Icon fixer.vi Regards Eric
  12. Hi I want to no if it's possible and how calling the icon editor by program in labview 7.0. I try to create an llb editor more convenient and want put a possibity to modify icon. Perhapse some one have creat icon editor (in 7.0) that i can at to my program with is permission I want to send my program to Lavag community when i have finish. Regards Eric
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