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  1. A just five minute start idea.. Run only for string control, but can easily modify for other kind of control. I look this evening for a more complete tool. Eric
  2. Thanks for these Objective reasons.. But whitch is the use of Tag ? you speak about meta information .Can you be more clear. You can tag Vi and controls for what ?? Regards Eric
  3. CITATION(mike_nrao @ Sep 19 2007, 04:37 PM) Hi thanks for your reply. Like you propose i know the solution using the Set Control [Variant] method .But find tag more handy and don't see (now) objective reason to don't use them to send parameter to vi. Regards PS: Sorry but i can't see you tag solution because i use old 7.0 version.
  4. Hi I start to use Tag to send some informations to Vi and find them handy. But i dont know if there is limitations or disadvantages to use them. I send you a sample of code to show one case of utilisation. This code run like that: The Master test.vi call asynchronusly the slave Test.Vi and send to it is reference via tag. You can stop the slave alone, but if you stop master the slave stop too.Is it convenient when you call asynchronusly Vi in back ground and the Master stop or crash .like that the slave can stop cleanly.
  5. Hi all I try now to creat a program with Visa serial read write action.And want convert it to .exe. I have a small trouble with the serial port identification. Actually i have a simple Visa control source and select between list suggest (automaticaly)by labview (visa). What append when i create an exe? how can i define the port source (com1,2 ,3...) ? What append when i install exe on new PC with different name port resouces(ex com5,6) ? Need i creat a configuration vi for select the port ? thanks for your help.
  6. QUOTE(PaulG. @ Jun 28 2007, 06:30 PM) Thanks that right.
  7. Hi all I have lost my classic police and color for comment string . How can i recover it thanks http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6258
  8. Hi all I want to find the best way to sort (search) array element of cluster by one of the element of this cluster. and obtain a array of index . Actualy the search element of openg do that for a cluster elemnt but not for element of cluster. I want a generic solution and thinking pass by variant, but i have look around and a bit lost my latin ;-). Please show me draw and don't send me directely VI because y work on 7.0 and can't open higher. thanks
  9. You can use type-cast like in my exempl. http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=6202
  10. I have creat one another exempl more simple using the clickedarrelement.vi of jp Drolet. In my exempl you can too make multi selection.Perhapse it can be see as an up grade of Jp Dolet Vi.
  11. QUOTE(PJM_labview @ May 14 2007, 04:59 PM) Many thanks PJM and J.P Drolet it's exactely wath i looking for. Regards
  12. I have find a solution but a bit complicate. I use a element of my cluster like selection indicator and active it when i do clik on it. Look on my exempl and tell me ifyou see improment fo make it more versatile. A+
  13. QUOTE(lraynal @ May 14 2007, 11:44 AM) Thanks But it's for table and not for array. And i whant select element in array of cluster element and this kind of element are not compatible with table, who take only string. Merci tout de même. Eric
  14. Hi I want to know if and how highlight a cell or a group of cell in a array when you click with mouse on it. (LV7.0 please) I have see that is possible to programmaticaly make selection but not directely with mouse. Eric
  15. Hi why you don't use few graph look like MSG ? See my exempl.(run with graph, chart,numerical graph,XY graph) Eric
  16. Hi I think you can do that with pop up menu . I send you an exempl from www.consymea.cz a baet modif for show left mouse button action too. Eric
  17. QUOTE(Vladimir Drzik @ Mar 29 2007, 05:26 PM) Hi vladimir I'm not sure that you can do that, because it's not sure than the clones have front panel too. Try with this small tools find on NI site Regards
  18. Just look this code for changing color of differents cells . Is inspired from JKI idea. Regards
  19. Hi The first point is which kind of communication you want to speak about. If It's RS232 , the Vi for Serial READ and Write accept only string Characters and in this kind it's more easy to used ASCII coding. But you can use too numerical values . For that you need to convert numerical value to characters. For this you can used "type cast" to make this convertion. (See image type cast convertion). But not the VI's of convertion in string pallette who convert in ascii.http://forums.lavag.org/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=5195 Special point: If you want to work with numerical values rather ASCII coding , you may make attention of special values (ASCII Control Characters 0 to 31 (d)) and specially in reception. For exempl if you recevied the hexa string 48 45 4C 4C 4F 0A 30 31 32 in the serial buffer and try to see the number of received characters with the VI dedicate to that in serial menu, you show only 5 characters. Why ? Because you have 0A (line feed) in your string. In this case you must read the 5 first characters and read in a second time the 4 next and not all the string one time. Eric
  20. Hi I have creat this tools for three reasons. First : In 7.0 (i don't no for earlier version ) There isn't simple way to initialise variant. The only way i have find is use the copy/paste data. But when you have lots of controls that can be quickly tedious. Second : With the cluster array kind you can quickly creat static complex configuration (with "define value of control" method) and without .ini files. I try to add an exempl of this to my post during this week. third: You can show that as one scripting example Regards
  21. File Name: Controls to Variant File Submitter: BOBILLIER File Submitted: 8 Feb 2007 File Updated: 9 Feb 2007 File Category: LabVIEW Development Environment Controls to Variant V1.0.0 Copyright
  22. Hi You Said: Notes Capable of working w/ LV 7 or later but uploaded version is for LV 8.2. Please request previous version if necessary. Please is it possible to have a 7.0 version. :thumbup: Regards
  23. File Name: RTM to ENUM File Submitter: BOBILLIER File Submitted: 18 Jan 2007 File Updated: 25 Jan 2007 File Category: LabVIEW Development Environment RTM to Enum V1.0.2 Copyright
  24. Sorry but i have forgot 1 files in my precedent post. Download File:post-5178-1168902350.zip
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