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  1. I am actually trying to figure out how to use the exact information you proposed to me. Did you ever succeed? If yes, do you have an example? i think the formatting of the array with the information to write as input is the problem I have. Benoit
  2. Hi everyone, I am trying to send email in LabVIEW with Asian character. No matter what I try, only the standard character are sent. Is anyone succeed in this? Thanks Benoit
  3. ? OK I'll try to digest that. I'll need a couple of days. But thank you very much. Even that I can use your example and make something working right now, I still do not understand it enough to create it by myself from scratch. But I'll get to that point very soon. Thanks again. I leave all of you with an unanswered question... Why NI do not provide this as a workaround? They always said create an external .dll to access .net function... Benoit
  4. It will look very basic my question, but it's because my understanding of the .net is very basic. what do you mean by reflection? I'm waiting impatiently for your example with more documentation. Benoit
  5. OK I see code, but I see no explanation. I see no way to get the string in and out. As you may notice, I am not good at .net. If your solution is really working, Please add some comments so I can understand it. Moreover, there is plenty of people that are struggling to find a way out. If there is, like you said, please share your knowledge. Thanks Benoit
  6. Thanks, But if you read this thread, you will notice that I posted already. I cannot use external code from anyone outside... possible security threat. We had no choice to do as you said anyway. The problem with NI is that they prefer to release new stuff with bug than fixing the old one since they believe that there is a work around... ? Benoit
  7. Manufacturing a satellite or a simple pen require to test the quality of the product before delivery to the customer. LabVIEW is widely used for that purpose. Since 20 years of LabVIEW development I saw numerous test framework. I was wondering if people where interested to work in a collective and open source test framework. Per example the following feature can be included: HAL (hardware abstraction layer) Database to record test results with the data viewer (PostgreSQL) single/asynchronous/batch/debug mode multi-language support Image analysis (open CV) + bar code reader User access level Remote monitoring Jig identification to prevent user error (testing the wrong product with the wrong jig/test sequence) HTML/xml/txt report and so on.... Benoit
  8. You can also use the forum from NI https://forums.ni.com/t5/Version-Conversion/bd-p/VersionConversion I help a lot of people out there with converting their VI. The intermediate version I have is 8.2.1 and the latest 2018. With this, I can support from 5.1 to the latest. Benoit
  9. what do you mean by display calculator? count the number of display? cont the number of defect in the display? Your question is like i want to go to the moon... someone can help me? lol When you request help, please put as much details as possible. help us to help you. Benoit
  10. well create a producer consumer loop and then put generate random number in it.. ???!!! Unless you need a sample of producer consumer... Producer Consumer.vi GUI frame.vi
  11. There is two template I use. Adapt it to your personal need. Benoit GUI frame.vi Producer Consumer.vi
  12. This library was tested only with DS9097E, DS1410E, DS9097U, DS9480, DS9490R and DS9490B. Any other deviceshould work if they can work with the TMEX.dll provided by Maxim integrated.
  13. It is quite confusing when I am reading your explanation. Can you post your actual code? Benoit
  14. Very interesting. Applying a differ front panel update into it would make it faster to refresh for long string. Benoit
  15. OK found the issue... The template is not a functional template. it needs to set and get from cluster in the property.
  16. Hi there! I am trying to find a workaround the the missing possibility to set key focus in an array at a specific location by using X-Control. I am struggling at the point that i manage the key focus in my X-Control to work, but I cannot set to other control. it always stay at the same one... Is anyone manage to enable key focus on specific element of a X-Control? Benoit
  17. Well thanks to you for all this time spend on trying something. I also found a bug in LabVIEW. Try the VI i joined. If we start with any element that is not the first one, it goes at current index + index specified. ***BUG*** How to report a bug to NI? Benoit key focus array elelement LabVIEW BUG.vi
  18. Dear Hooovahh, Here is what i tried and it seems to not work. If i do not set back the Array parameter, it works. But the goal is to make that transparent to the user. You have an idea on how to fix that? used LabVIEW 2017 Benoit key focus array elelement.vi
  19. Maybe you are looking for that. https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/Pie-Chart-using-LabVIEW-picture-control/ta-p/3533431 Benoit
  20. What are you looking for as a final result? Benoit
  21. Sorry I just saw they have their own protocol. Did you see their web pages? here is the documentation for one of their controller: https://www.zaber.com/manuals/X-MCB2
  22. Is it using RGBL command? If yes, use the toolkit I developed. in the download section. Benoit
  23. Dear Jon, You were talking about the bug tracking. In deed, it would be very helpful for us, developers that makes promises to our boss and customer, to know when the bug are planned to be resolved. Per example the bug 493662 concerning the .net is causing problem to a lot of us. Listing a work around to use external .dll is a killer for LabVIEW reputation. and this bug is there since 2014... I personally believe that new features should be delayed till all the bug are fixed. All LabVIEW developer will be so happy to not encounter bugs that kills their planning. So please fight fur us and represent us in front of NI to push them the importance to release a version of LabVIEW without bug. Benoit
  24. I think it is not related to this tread. please start new tread. Please be more specific when asking for support so we can help you. Benoit
  25. I wish so much to be in direct contact with NI team development... Or be part of the team that addresses the issues. there is some that are in the bug list since over 8 years and the work around is do not use LabVIEW use something else to do it... like .net issues per examples. Is someone talk to them about Agile development? Sometime new feature need to be postpone in order to fix the old sh*t that are blocking point. Looks like the marketing has to much power. Please be stable then add new feature that people ask... not the one that just look great and kill the CPU... Just some though... Benoit
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