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  1. Python for me is a script language not a programming language. 😉 Benoit
  2. What about ODBC support? I have a huge project with a superb HAL implemented. I cannot see how I can migrate that to NXG. I feel like having 20 years of my career but on the garbage with NXG. This is not happening with other text language where stuff change, but do not receive a huge refactoring. I guess this is what happens with proprietary language. you use what they offer, not what people really needs. The only good thing for now if the Unicode support. Benoit
  3. Thanks, I'm not a specialist on MIPI. Those information are very useful. Benoit
  4. Zip offers a better portability. In forum, portability prevail over effectiveness of compression. By the way 7zip offer a better one. 😉
  5. Cool. Here are some suggestions: -Unique serial number that can be accessed by software -Allow possibility to have more than one lens. (Be able to have 3 cm from the lens can be good for inspection) Having low distortion lens is good to. -Adaptable to standard lens on the market (stay low cost if possible) -Having a microbolometer camera would be amazing. -Having multiple choice for resolution 1MP to 24 MP -Add distortion correction by software according to the lens -If you ever be able to create a 3D (imply using double camera) would be amazing (one frame on 2 for each side) -Some of your option in the survey should be all possible. (software or hardware triggered) -Having the option to buy or not the housing What will be the maximum length for the cable? Benoit
  6. Is clicking on the adds bring more money to LAVA? Benoit
  7. Good! But don't forget to keep your code clean. Have fun!
  8. Because your file do not respect the standard .xml. Use the solution I proposed to you earlier and all your problems will be gone. The solution I proposed to you will work with any TXT base file like TXT, CFG, INI, TAB, CSV, HTML, XML and many more. Benoit
  9. just change the number of index. Benoit
  10. No matter what tools you will use, you need to define what value you want... If you use xml tools, it will be similar. Benoit
  11. Since his xml document is not standard, I suggest him to use search pattern instead... so no matter is the txt file format/standard, it will work. Benoit
  12. For the simple task you want to do, just use search pattern. It should looks like this... Benoit
  13. well then the way I explained to you is the same... instead of replacing, report it. ? Benoit
  14. Do a match pattern on those: "<Name>Test 1</Name> <NumElts>" and then on "<NumElts>" By getting the character position in the file, you can easily replace the value in between with anew one. repeat with <Name>Test 2</Name> But why do you want to replace those value? are they already real measurement from real device? I have Ethical concern on what you are trying to do. Benoit
  15. So since it is quite generic, I will suggest you as crossrulz said and learn the basic stuff about xml standard. It is not difficult. you can even inside of a week create your own parser. Benoit
  16. It's what we call a bug. You should report it. Benoit
  17. What is your final goal with the XML? Benoit
  18. Well I have been one step further... it can apply the color to all, but report an error... It it definitively a bug. Benoit
  19. Well after some research, this is what i came to. Sending the email in html format with the following VI to transform Unicode from LabVIEW to HTML character. I think it will work in most of the case. Benoit PS: Thanks for your help. Unicode to html.vi
  20. Thanks for your help. I'll try some stuff on my side as well. Benoit
  21. Two way. User input or from files. I see per example in Hex 4 character in Thai... 1E0E 1E0E 310E 1E0E = พพัพ How do I send that by email in HTML or even by plain text. Thanks Benoit
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