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  1. Thanks Shaun, I am quite surprised by this as I was pretty sure it was 8.6. Now I have to do a bit of thinking!
  2. Hi All, I have some old code I need to make some changes to, and am not certain what version of LV it is done in. I so not have those old versions installed on my PC, and don't really want to install the wrong version. The .lvproj has <Project Type="Project" LVVersion="10008000"> in it, does anybody know if this is 8.6 or 8.6.1? My suspicion is that is it 8.6.1 Thanks Neil
  3. You know you can customise this to whatever suits you right? Edit CLSUIP_LocalizedStrings.vi in LabVIEWresourceFrameworkProvidersLVClassLibraryNewAccessors and change the Write and Read to whatever suits you. Don't forget to right-click-->make the value default on each of the string controls after you have changed it, and then save. Only pain point here is that it has to be done for each new LV installation
  4. Have you considered you may just have a dud FPGA card or problem with the PCIe/PXI bus? I did some work on a system that has an industrial PC with a PCI bus extender, and had lots of very strange hardware problems that just went away when we used a different PC vendor.
  5. Thanks. I am trying to understand it from the inside, rather than just a black box, so those slides will be good I think. In the course of getting to grips with things I will probably knock together some really simple examples teaching myself the API, if I end up with anything worthwhile I will upload.
  6. James, can you post your Euro-CLA summit presentation slides? Trying to dive straight in with this example is too much for me to grok.
  7. Got it to run, time is not on my side though so not been able to poke around. I like the debug message window Will dig in over Christmas hopefully :-)
  8. I think could be called "the more popular implementation of ByRef LVOOP" or TMPIOBL, it just rolls so easily off the tongue
  9. Yup, rename inside LabVIEW and let the VCS tool worry about tracking the file-system changes.
  10. I do recall a colleague having quite a bit of memory problems with large 2D string arrays. The memory would never de-allocate even after the VI had finished running. This problem was unique to strings, it did not occur when the data type was changed to something else. This was LV2012, so perhaps it has been fixed.
  11. Rocking! I wonder how long has this been a feature?
  12. Hi all, So this has bugged me for basically forever. Is there a simple way to apply a library style icon to a single VI or control that was not previously part of the library? I know it can be done using the properties dialogue of the library, but that applies the icon to all the VIs in the library which is really not desirable most of the time as then many other VIs need saving. This happens a lot when I create a new VI or control and realise it probably belongs in a different library to the one I initially created it from. Am I being stupid here and there is a menu option som
  13. Format "painter" for FP controls/indicators (and perhaps BD constants) would allow the quick copying of the formatting from one object to another. Click here!
  14. Hi there, Can anybody point me to the correct sub-forum on lava to post old NI idea exchange things so they can maybe get more traction? I seem to recall there being a sub-forum called "Orphan ideas" or something like that, but my search-fu has failed me. thanks n
  15. I add a vote to not taking this feature away. Like others have said, I sometimes use a separate Event Structure for User Events that can then be packaged away into a sub-VI.
  16. Would love to have this. I have a medium size project (approx 1000 VIs) that I have to maintain, and edit operations are very slow. Drop VI, wait, make a wire change wait etc etc. I have a similar version of the code base where I managed to fix this by re-organise the hierachy a bit (literally just moved one VI from a library into another, or made it a global variable or something like that), but I cannot seem to make it go away this time around, and do not have time to investigate. The delay is almost certainly due to some type propagation checks or something similar, but I have no id
  17. Man, I hope I never have to debug any of your code. A class (or VI) name should reflect what it does. I feel it is not really acceptable to compromise on this just because the IDE chokes sometimes when doing these kinds of modifications.
  18. That thread is from June, I told you my memory was bad I do seem the recall a thead on the darkside discussing fonts and this was where I first learned this tip. Of course I cannot find the thread anymore. Thanks for the reminder though, Anakin.
  19. Glad that helped. I seem to recall somebody on the darkside (Christina?) telling me (or somebody else, memory no good these days) that the number is like an index into some global font list or something.
  20. Fonts in LV do suck quite a bit. I use system style controls exclusively for GUI type FPs. I normally shove these settings into my LabVIEW.ini and app.ini file appFont = "0" 13dialogFont = "2" 13systemFont = "1" 13BDFont = "2" 13 This way the fonts are consistent between OSs that do and do not support high res fonts (i.e. WinXP). I have just tested it out with Win7 set to 150% (I normally use 100%) and it also works fine. These keys also stop the BD getting messed up when a VI is edited on a WinXP and then a Win7 machine (due to font size differences). Note: I have only a vagu
  21. Neil Pate

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    From the album: MY Sigs

  23. Hi Mikael,

    I have just started to use the GOOP Dev suite again (3.6)...

    How do you paste the UML diagrams into a word document?

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