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  1. This is good to know about. I use Ultramon so am surprised I have never seen this issue. As you said in the other thread hooovahh, I do not know how people manage to develop large applications in LabVIEW without tremendous quantities of display pixels. The more the merrier for me these days. I have a 19" vertically oriented monitor on the left dedicated to any open .lvproj windows, a 27" to the right of that (so in the middle), and another 19" to the right of that and still wish I had more space at times!
  2. Totally agree with you, but... Very very small probably if you set the CWD immediately before calling the DLL function. I suppose deciding whether to use this function or not depends an awful lot on the risk of something going wrong combined with the likelihood of it happening.
  3. To follow on from what Rolf said, you can programatically set the current directory using the Win32 API. This is often convenient if you know your DLL is in a certain place. I did use this technique many years ago, but have not needed it since. To get an idea on how to do this look at the attached VI (obtained here). Set Current Directory.vi
  4. Hi Rolf. I have cherry picked some of the good bits out of your library and put together a very simple application that uses the TCP prims (rather than the NI HTTP library) to do my Web Service query. It works fine from my PC (no proxy server), so now I need to wait and see if it works for my client. Thanks!
  5. Cool! I will take a look at this a bit later today. Thanks for your help
  6. Thanks for the insight Shaun. I do recall seeing Rolf's HTTP VIs, and this is what in fact lead me to believe I could just prepend the proxy, but probably I just misunderstood. I don't really know enough about this stuff so I guess it is time to learn something!
  7. Hi All, I have an application which uses a Web Service to talk to a LabVIEW based server, somewhere on the internet. The application works very well under normal circumstances, but I am having some trouble getting any comms through for one particular customer. The difference for this customer is that I know they use a proxy server for all web traffic. I have not had much exposure to proxy servers, but my understanding is that if I just prepend the proxy server IP address (or name) to the "address" of any http type requests everything should work fine. So in other words, if I normally c
  8. Definitely have to disagree with you here. depends... do they want something quick and dirty that will help them right now, or something with more thought (and probably neater) that will probably serve them better in the long run. Different clients have different requirements. Anyway. I am not really moaning or anything. If I fail it due to missing functionality then next time I just better not take the five pee breaks I needed this time around
  9. You can get the Inno setup to execute another application as part of the setup, in the example pasted below I execute the RTE setup exe. Note I have manually extracted the RTE so that it consists of its bits and pieces. You also have to tell Inno to include the files in the setup (that is the [Files] section) [Files] Source: "C:YOURPROJECTNAMEResourcesInstallerLVRTE_Extracted*"; DestDir: "{tmp}LVRTE_Extracted"; Flags: recursesubdirs createallsubdirs [Run] Filename: "{tmp}LVRTE_Extractedsetup.exe"; Parameters: "/q /AcceptLicenses yes /r /disableNotificationCheck"; WorkingDir: "{tmp}LVRTE_e
  10. I think perhaps the design, style and documentation should be worth more. I have a pretty high level of coding standard (i.e. block diagram neatness, comments etc) that I always try and aim for. This is ingrained in me after more than 15000 hours of doing LabVIEW. As such, it is very difficult to override this instinct and code "messily" just to try and get all the functionality in.
  11. Does anybody know of a good way to find out the latest runtime engine that can be downloaded from ni.com? What I mean is a permanent link to a page with the latest version listed only? i.e. just show the latest runtime for Windows/Mac/Linux I know that ni.com/src does have a list of all the software, but it can be tricky to find what you actually want.
  12. Like Lewis I also took the exam today, however I chose not to use the sample templates. Same result though, I and also ran out of time
  13. Glad that helped you. I also prefer the fact that it creates a single setup.exe file, rather than the way the NI installer creation creations (I think) .msi Inno setup makes it quite easy to run other things as well as part of the setup, so you can install (for example) .net or the LabVIEW runtime etc.
  14. I use Inno Script Studio to generate the actual installer. There is nothing I can actually think of that caught me out, other than it just took some time to figure everything out (like admin rights, banner graphics, unlocking directories etc).
  15. I recently had a lot of problems with using the App Builder to create an installer. In the end I gave up and used Inno Setup and was pleasantly surprised.
  16. Mike, not sure if this will help you, but if you add NI_Appbuilder_logging=TRUE to your LabVIEW.ini file then you will get a comprehensive build log for your .exes and installers. If your installer is failing to build just scroll down to the last line and see if there is a more verbose error message there. The log file is in the same directory as the .lvproj
  17. Hi Lewis, I am also taking my CLED next Tuesday (you taking yours in Newbury, right?) and will probably not be using the sample projects, although I may borrow bits and pieces. You are probably right in that the exam will be quite a close match to the sample project, but I think you would have to spend too much time modifying it to meet the new requirements.
  18. It would be nice if all of the VIs in the NI_WebServices.lvlib were not password protected.
  19. Greg, I do not have 2010 installed either, but here is a picture maybe you can recreate it from this?
  20. Looks neat. Am going to tinker with this .net control too if I get a chance. Just a heads up, I know this was just a proof of concept, but you probably don't want to be creating all those objects inside the loop.
  21. I had so many problems with Dropbox (and SugarSync) trying to sync source/builds across machines I gave up completely and now just rely on my VCS.
  22. Tim, Sorry I have just looked at the screenshot I posted, there is a bug in that the case structure downstream of my variant cache lookup has a False constant wired to it. This was for testing purposes when I was comparing the speed and correctness of the new algorithm. This constant should actually be replaced with the output from the variant attribute lookup. Neil
  23. Hi Tim, I have already cloned the repository, I just wanted to be polite before pushing back my changes. There is actually logic checking the dependency cache, its just before the case structure. If the attribute lookup is not found then it is added, this is how items get in the cache. At the moment I am totally snowed in with work, so I do not think I will get time for several weeks (probably longer) to tinker with this anymore. Unfortunately for the project I was going to use it in has several thousand VIs and performance with this is just a bit too slow, so I ended up writing my
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