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  1. I has just finished coding a project with LabVIEW and GOOP. Now I want to make executable file for this project. My friend told me that I just need to add the VIs created by GOOP which is called by reference in to the project, and add it to the Dynamic VIs and Support Files. But when I finish building the Exe file, and when I run the .exe file, I met some error about looking for some VIs relating to the Process, Queue. I don't know which files I should add to the project or I should add them all? Thank you in advance for you time of reading and answering this question. Thang Nguyen
  2. QUOTE(Neville D @ Mar 30 2007, 01:10 PM) I attach here the picture of creating the queue and destroy the queue.
  3. @ AnalogKid2DigitalMan Thank you for your answer. I know about the 7805, but I usually use it to regular the power source as well as convert from 9V to 5V. My system is used in transportation with a independent battery for a long time, so I want to limit the power consumption as much as possible. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I have a problem with the queue. After creating and using the queue to pass data, I try to flush queue then destroy it. But I meet this error:"Error 1 occurred at Release Queue in ...". I don't have much experience when working with a queue. Please give me some recommends on this issue. THank you in advance for your time of reading and answering this question. Thang Nguyen
  5. Hi Chrisdavis, I forgot about the AI-110 :headbang: . The current for the system is really small about 100mA. In this case, if I have the battery connect to the system, how should I connect to the AI-110 as a current source to measure the current? I also need a voltage converter from 12V - 5V. Because this is a low power system, I want to look for a good converter. Could you recommend me any product? Thank you so much, Thang Nguyen. QUOTE(chrisdavis @ Mar 19 2007, 09:59 PM)
  6. Hi, I am working on a project in which the power consumption is the critical issue. I want to use LabVIEW to measure the power consumption of the battery. I already have the Compact Fieldpoint. So what I think is I need an instrument to convert the current to the input of the FP (ADC). Could anyone tell me which device I should use to do this? I highly appreciate your time for reading and answering this question. Thang Nguyen.
  7. Thank you for your answer! I have another question. When I use destroy VI, I always meet the error about flush queue. I looked into your example I see that you change the error out connection: Is there any problem with this solution? I just want to make sure about this.
  8. Hi, I have a question about the destroy VI in the SimpleLogger.Demo.vi. In the comment, authors says that it destroys the simpleLogger also closes the DataIO and Store objects. But I don't see any destroy VI of the DataIO and Store object. I don't quite to understand this, please help me. Thank you Thang Nguyen.
  9. QUOTE(Ami @ Feb 28 2007, 01:12 AM) To Ami: Nice to meet you here I highly appreciate all of your helps. I think I found my bug. In my program, I use the same VI which transforms from one kind of cluster to another kind of cluster. The problem is I use the same VI for different array of different device. But when I check the input and output, both of them are the same. Can I use the same VI (normal VI not from GOOP) as multiple clone or I have to rename it? I try to use reentrance, not quite understand, but I see the same result. Thang Nguyen
  10. Thank you everyone, I know that I can create multiple instances for a class by using inspector. There is another bug in my program that make me think that it can not create multiple instances.
  11. Sorry, I do not use LabVoop. I am using GOOP. I attach here the way I try to create multiple instaces on one class.
  12. Hi all, My project is working with different device with different type of communication. Each device has different speed of acquiring data base on type of connection. I have already created a class DataIO with different child class correspondent with each kind of device because each device has different read VI. Now I make another class called Pooller which in its process VI will call the Read VI in the DataIO class and pass it into an array. The problem is because I have different speed for different device, I want to have different process run simultaneously to read data from each devi
  13. QUOTE(JFM @ Feb 22 2007, 03:16 AM) To TCPLOMP and JFM: Thank you so much, I can change it now. :thumbup: .
  14. Hi, I created a parent class and some child classes having the same data which is a cluster type def. In my application, I call the "create by reference" VI of parent class with the path to the "Create" VI of the child classes and pass a cluster data. After change one element in this type def, I use the apply change for the all clusters. The problem is the "type specifier VI Refnum" did not change, so I can not connect the new cluster to the call by reference node anymore. I need to update the "type specifier VI Refnum" but I don't know how to do that. Thank you in advance any help. Tha
  15. Hi, I am currently working on a project which acquires data from different of devices. They are connected by serial, ethernet communication. I think about the case that in the operation the connection may be disconnected. I am thinking a method to handle this case. I am still new in the industry application so I don't have much experience about this issue. Please give me some idea about sloving this problem. Thank you in advance for your time reading and answering this topic. Thang Nguyen
  16. QUOTE(ashishuttarwar @ Feb 12 2007, 11:16 AM) It's true that I use the serial port. The problem, I think, is about the time out number. I don't know how to do it right here. The problem is I can read the data well in the highlight execution mode but not in the normal. It's weird. Thank you! Thang Nguyen
  17. Hi,I am doing a project with the Yokogawa wt1600 digital power meter. I meet a problem when trying to use the read VI. When I run the program in the Highlight execution, it's can read the data well, but when I read it in normal mode, I meet the error. It looks like the program meet the time out with no receive message. Is there anyone meet this case before?Thank you so much for your time.Thang Nguyen
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