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  1. Hi, I tried search many place but I still cannot find an answer for how to get the reference to a control on front panel of the LabVIEW executable file? This is installation distribution application written by LabVIEW. I am trying to use VI server to access this but the only thing I can find is access to the VI. Is there anyway I can do this? Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  2. Thank you so much, I have question: Or should I copy the source files to the install folder???
  3. You can upload a screenshot in which describe how you can start get the reference to the machine/IP and the executable file. Sure the example will help me more ^_^ Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  4. Thank for super quick reply . So could you please tell me how did you create the reference "Sequence Context in" in the LabVIEW? How to link it to TestStand? I also just posted a question relating to TestStand in this topic: http://lavag.org/topic/11067-teststand-vi-server/ If you have time maybe you want to take a look at this. Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  5. Hi everyone, I am working on a project which require communication between TestStand and multiple LabVIEW executable programs. This project is used for testing the operating of a system which involved different type of controller which is simulated by independent software-in-the-loop or hardware-in-the-loop LabVIEW programs. So far we discussed that the TestStand will be run on a PC which communicated with other PCs which run seperated simulator by ethernet. Each of this simulator are distribution version which is installed as executable on each system, it's not in the developement evironment
  6. You should break your topic to more detail. If you want to make a automated vehicle like that then you should ask the question how to drive the motor or what the hardware you should use to build this vehilce. LabVIEW is a programming language which help to communicate with hardware device. You should provide more information other than give a website and ask everyone read it.
  7. Thanks you for your example Crossrulz. I am a LabVIEW developer and a newbie with TestStand, so I would like to ask some question about the way we use the VI in the TestStand. In the first sequences Monitor, the Monitor.vi is called. There is one input which is "Sequence Context in". I cannot find the value for this number and as I understand it's a reference number. I don't know how this value is initialized? In the action "Send TERM Monitor CMD", you call the Monitor Queue.vi to send command to the Monitor.vi. One thing I don't understand is there is no queue reference or name queue is us
  8. Hi Jdunham, Do you have a link to a NI article how to do this? Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  9. It makes more sense to me when you select this relay module. There is one thing I haven't tell you that I need to measure three tanks like this, so I need 3x3 = 9 channels.
  10. Shaun, Could you tell me how to connect the Sinking Digital module with my controller? I have no idea how to use it in my case without using the relay. I add here my real system diagram. Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  11. I am using NI 9263 Analog Output Module. I found the module you told me, it's NI 9478. It's a $600 one
  12. Hi, I am working on a simulator project. I my project I need to simulate a high level sensor. The controller, I work with, has a 5 VDC output, named A. It connects to 4 parallel 10 K Ohm resisters R1, R2, R3, R4. There are 3 switches connect with R2, R3, R4 and this will be correspondent to low, mid, and high level. Another side of these resisters will be connect to ground. Depending on the switch status, the voltage will be drop at the port A. This is how real system works. I use compactDAQ series C 9172 for my simulator. I tried by using a Analog Output and feeding a voltage output to por
  13. Hi, Currently, I can measure the PWM quite good but when the duty cycle is more than 70%, the low pulse time start fluctuate between the low pulse time and high pulse time. This lead to the duty cycle will fluctuate between the right value and 50%. Some one with experience please help me on this. I attach here my test program which has this issue. TestPWM.zip
  14. Hi, The our test engineers can also interact with control based on the coordinator of the controls as Jeff say. But if we move the GUI, everything will be chance, so if I run the test on different day, this will be inconvinient. I finally find this topic at ni after reading about the link given by Dan: Calling LabVIEW VIs from Other Programming Languages http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/5719 Thank you for all your information Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  15. Hi, I would like to know if there is any way to access the controls on the GUI of application made by LabVIEW from other programming languages? I am working on building the applications for my company. Now other engineers from testing department asked me if there is anyway they can do some scripting which can access to the control on my applications. They use Quick Test Pro or some test tool like that. Usually this will be done with applications written by other programming languages or using TestStand. But our company doesn't have TestStand. So if you have any experience about this case, ple
  16. I think you are right. Sometime the problem is not too complicated as we thought LOL. If there are something new, I will let you guys know. Thank a bunch.
  17. Hi, Currently, I am having the same problem with 2 parallel loops. One loop I got data from CAN and put data into the queue. The second loop will process data from the queue. One weird thing is if I put the breakpoint in the second loop, it runs. If I don't use the breakpoint, I will not run. Could you tell me what should I do? Thang Nguyen
  18. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Apr 1 2009, 04:17 PM) Thank Mark, I change to use share variable already. This is more efficient in my case.
  19. Hi, I am trying to make the TCP work follow the Simple Data Server and Simple Data Clien in the NI Example. I am not sure but the communication is not correct rignt. I attach the screenshot here. The client receive is inside a time loop at dt=100ms. The Server send is inside a loop at dt = 100ms.
  20. Hi, I need a solution to communicate between 2 lapview programs which need to provide a stable and robust connection status because the time is cirticle in my project. These two programs send and receive command and data to each other. I already tried with TCP/IP VIs but it didn't work well. The reason maybe be the result of currently one of my program using the TPC/IP to communicate with a CAN device though a TCP/IP virtual server. And this communication is interfered so either I lost signal on the CAN or my TCP listener got timeout. I wonder should I use datasocket in this case or not? I
  21. Hi, I would like to know if there is anyway to create and pass the reference of an object programmatically? I will tell a little bit about my current project. There is a main VI which is the main window control of the system. I have many different classes in the project but for this example I will talk about two main class which is the map and the vehicle. When the program is initialized the vehicle object is created first and the reference of this object is passed as an initialize data for the map object. The pass by reference is implemented based on the method introduced by Jim Kring. The
  22. QUOTE (Mark Yedinak @ Mar 5 2009, 09:29 AM) I am talking about during the software running. If the enum stay seperately I think I can handle it, but it's stay in a cluster and reference from subVIs.
  23. Hi, I would like to know is there anyway to replace an enum or it's content in a cluster programmatically. This cluster is used as a control on Front Panel as well as updated value by subVI though reference. I found a topic talking about replacing the content though the reference directly to the file of the control .ctl. I just wonder if it works in my case or not. Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  24. Hi, I would like to replace an enum control in a cluster programmatically. This cluster is on the GUI and is also controlled though reference. I would like to know if I can do that by this solution? What I worry about is the ref is pass to sub VI. When I modify anything in the cluster, the reference contant also change and need to be replaced. I still not try this but is this true I can change the control at the path and it will update immediately in the program? How it happen with excutable and install version? Thang Nguyen
  25. QUOTE (gleichman @ Mar 4 2009, 03:22 PM) Thank for your information.
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