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  1. I think using a text file is a better idea cause in case system crash in the middle of the test that index will be reset.
  2. Hi, I am quite new with TestStand. I know how to develop a test sequence already. Now my project becomes more complicated with checking if it is the first test sequence to implement some extra task such as scan bar code for a set of test sample. What should I do to make this happen? Thank you for your time! Thang Nguyen
  3. Oh, thank you so much! That's good information to know. I have already sent message to them. I hope I can receive feedback in one day
  4. Hi, I have started worked on a new project which require using Keyence Laser Marker MD-F3000 series to mark serial number. I cannot find any documents about control this device programmatically such as input a certain string with different parameters and tell the controller mark it. If anyone has experience with this device please give me advice how this one work or where I can find document about it. Thank you so much!
  5. I check the error output of any vision vi to see there is error or not. But is it better if there is a similar function in comparison check if image is valid or not?
  6. Hi, I have a image control as input. I would like to know how to check if the image data is valid or not. I tried to search this on Google but I cannot find answer so if there is already answer, I am sorry but help me point to it. Thanks! Thang Nguyen
  7. anh Minh, I have a problem with the white area on the top right of the character which make the algorithm cannot work correctly. That is created with the pump up of the surface of the device. It will go away if I scan along the length of the text but requirement is I have to be able to scan both ways, along the height of the text and along the length of the text. Do you have any experience with this?
  8. Oh, sorry. I need to recognize these characters. Do you know any good source to learn about LabVIEW vision? Thanks!
  9. This is the data I got back from the scanControl. There are two arrays in this VI. One is distance data and one is intensity data. The object has a curve surface in the center so it white out in the middle. I am not sure what I should do next. Could you please give me some advises. Thank you! Thang Nguyen ImageData.vi
  10. Thanks anh Minh. This is my first project working with laser scanner as well as ni vision. I had some issue with synchronize between controlling motor and capturing correct data. I start get hang with it now.
  11. Hi, I am working on a project which using scanControl to scan the D surface of products to detect engraved serial number by laser. I have never used this laser sensor before. I have not had much successful to read back an image with clear. The result I got is hard to process. I think maybe I did not get the correct data I want. I wonder if there is someone familiar with communication interface with this device can share me the sequence of functions using to get an intensity image of 3D surface. Thank you! Thang Nguyen
  12. I found the nonlinear curve fitting VI and play with it, but by some reason it doesn't work. I attach it here so you may can try it. Select TestFitData.txt as source TestFitData.txt TestFit.vi
  13. Hi, I tried with base package but it doesn't work in my case. I attach here the graph and data set. Thang TestFitData.txt
  14. Hi, I have a set of data which is in a shape of exponential rise function. I cannot find any fitting VI can fit this data set so I would like to build one. I know that my data set is Y = A - B*exp(-C*X). But I don't know how should I start to make my VI can find the fit automatically. I highly appreciate your time on reading and answering my questions. Best regards, Thang
  15. I did recompile and the error is still there. I tried to copy that while loop into a blank VI, ran, and confirmed it work. Then I delete the case in my main VI, and build the case. Copy back the while loop, and error still happens. I have just tried to remove the -1 block from inside the while loop to outside the while loop and it works now. I am lucky that I don't have to rebuild the whole VI. I sent the VI to NI already. Best regards, Thang Nguyen
  16. Haha, Thanks, I actually saw some stupid stuffs happened sometime.
  17. Hi, I have a really weird case happen here. I minus a number by one and the result is -1. I attach my code here when it running with highlight and prob. I have the actual code below it. When I copy that code to another VI, it runs ok. I tried to replace that minus 1 by a minus block with a constant 1 and it still returns same result is -1. Please tell me what I did wrong. Best regards, Thang
  18. Hi, I am having problem with synchronizing between LabVIEW and Matlab but this is a new issue compare with my previous question and I hope you can help me. I have a model in Matlab and need to control from LabVIEW. I have multiple valves in the model and the states of the valves are controlled based on time different commands. It means the command will change the state of the valves based on the preset duration between states. Because the timing is different between LabVIEW and Matlab so I decided to get time from Matlab to use it as a clock tick in control. I have a model in Matlab, a S
  19. Hi, I think I forgot to build the installer for my software. I will try to build the installer to see if it can run or not. Thanks, Thang Nguyen
  20. Hi, I have work on some projects which requires either connect to a hardware (HIL) system or a software simulation (SIL) at a time. For example, in my current project, the SIL part is simulation interface toolkit connect with matlab/simulink. My question is if I want to use the hardware part only so I want my software to be run on a machine which has can connect to hardware but doesn't have the SIT license. Last time I tried it and it say it cannot file the SIT library. What should I do in this case? These HIL and SIL is managed in a LV class can be load dynamically. But it still ask for th
  21. Hi, I am working on a project which I build a plant model in Matlab/Simscape and control this plant from Simulation Interface Toolkit (SIT). The issue I am having right now is timing. Time in LabVIEW is faster than in Simulink. So if I open a valve for a duration of time in LabVIEW, it will happens faster than it should be in Simulink. I tried to get the time in Simulink and used that as the time to measure the duration and now it slower than it should be. Do you have any experience with this? Could you please give me some recommendation for this issue? Thank you so much for your time! Bes
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