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  1. I like this. I don't really see it breaking data flow. It's sort of like like "worm hole" data flow. Data is still moving from one point to another, just not encumbered by normal physical bounds of the 2d world.
  2. Here is a description of some of the error codes: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/allkb/2FA525A8585A92E9862566EE002A3755#EABO Error 6 is a a read/write error. You have not provided a command (the string) in the image you posted above. This is probably your issue.
  3. They are asking you to post the source (the actual VIs) not a text file or an image. This way they can open the code and actually see what is going on and point you in the right direction. Without the real source it becomes difficult to help you.
  4. This is very interesting. I will be investigating further as it has relevance to a project I am working on.
  5. If you are manipulating the UI (or strings), you probably don't want to be using the subroutine priority.
  6. You are most likely missing a dependency. Do you have "remove unusued members of project libraries" checked in the EXE build spec? This can lead to issues if VI_X needs a vi in a library and the EXE does not.
  7. Yes, I have had similar issues before and resolved it using the "immediate" function of TCP read. Of course this might cuase you to have to change the way you wait and read for messages.
  8. Yes, I did find that reference. I could make an argument either way. It was just different than what I expected and was curious what others thought.
  9. (If this is not the right forum, please move as appropriate) Yesterday, I was trying to capture the "key down?" event on a string array control. I noticed that the event would never get fired while typing into one of the strings in the array. The event does fire if you type in the index control of the array. My question: Is this expected behavior or a bug? After trying a few things, I can get the behavior I want by getting a reference to the "ArrElem" and registering it for the "key down?" event and passing the into the dynamic event terminal. This is fine for my purposes and will implement my code in this fashion. However, I certainly was not expecting this event to behave in this way. I guess I could see why this may be the case (you are typing into a string control, not an array) but curious what other people think... This was all done in LV2013. Thanks!
  10. There should be a "National Instruments Software" token in the add/remove programs. This will allow you to uninstall and NI software you want. Revo should also see this program.
  11. Who are these masochists?? I would literally go insane. Do they go a step further and use 3G data to do all this? I have a galaxy note 3 with a pen and I would never attempt such a thing.
  12. I agree. But I was thinking you could trap the item in the array on the mouse down event. But this won't work if tabbing is allowed. Although you could keep track of it on mouse down and tabbing event. Not very elegant, but possible.
  13. This will get you which element the mouse is currently over. Maybe you can modify for the item being changed?? GetArrayElementMouseHover.vi
  14. You could trap the "key down?" event and discard it if the editable field is not enabled. The field will still be white, but no characters will be entered.
  15. Graphical programming is probably due for some transformation. Text-based languages transform monthly. Graphical has been relatively stuck for a while. An upstart would be welcome to push NI and graphical programming in general.
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