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Graph Fill Direction


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Please see the attached VI:

fill direction LV10.vi

If you execute the VI with the "Render Direction" set to Horizontal, you get a plot like so:


What we have here is a plot set to fill to zero. Works exactly as I'd like.

The problem is my application also requires that the plot be able to be rendered Vertical. So my application applies a simple transform to the data such that the axes get swapped, as shown in the VI. But when rendering data in this mode, the fill operation of course still fills vertically:


Correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no way to set the fill direction, is there?

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You maybe able to hack a bit.

Use extra plots (two ?) with one filled to plus and the other to negative.

Only include values for the range where you want the fill.

Or you could insert an image into the plot and use the picture control to fill what you want. There is a shipping example that is a graph based on a picture.

So no ready built solution but there are possibilties.


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Along the lines of what Ben suggested, I believe you can simply add a second plot with x=0 for all y values and simply use that plot as the fill baseline for the first plot. I'd do the similar thing for the horizontal rendering (y=0 for all x) so you do not have to futz with the fill baseline via property nodes and can always fill to plot 1.

Can't believe I never thought of that. Thanks, Darin.


fill direction LV10.vi

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