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Omron E5CN via Modbus

Ano Ano

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I have a Omron E5CN Temperature controller that I want to use with Labview and Modbus.

I am able to communicate with this controller using Omron's Thermomini software.

MAX is able to validate the and open a session with the device. The controller is connected via a RS232 to USB converter.

I set the controller to modbus but no luck. Maybe its because I dont know how to use the modbus drivers, I havent attempted to use such a device with Labview so I am lost with all this machine codes !

Any advice towards a newbie on how to use this controller with Labview/Modbus?

The programming manual for this controller is here

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The hardest thing to find is the base Modbus address. No manufacturer seems to put the exact correct address in their manuals, so you'll have to hunt a bit to find the correct base address. Everything after that is offset from the base address.

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Which mod us library are you using? Is it the free one off ni.com?

From a quick look at the commands you need to be using the register accesses for the data. With the free mod us library I believe you should then be able to send the addresses as the manual suggests, some other implementations require an offset depending on the data you are reading. Generally 3 for read only registers (or variables as the manual calls thru) or 4 for read/write registers so the address for a read only register at address 1 appears as 40001. the addresses appear to be detailed in section 6.

Hopefully this is a starting point to decipher some of the data you are seeing. Let me know what library your using and I may. E able to be a little more specific.

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