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SCC scenarios to handle EXE + plugins

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Hi all,

I've recently started using Subverion + TortoiseSVN to manage the source code of LabVIEW projects and I'm now getting to the point where I don't really know what I should do ; untill I had no banches and just revisions and a couple of tags for shipped versions I could handle it.

Now I need to go further than that and manage a large project that consist in an EXE and 3 plugins. The EXE will be shipped to many customers and each customer will have different "flavours" of the plugins.

I'm not feeling confortable enough with SCC usage to decide how to manage this scenario. Multiple repos? Sub-repos (does it exist?), one repo and 1 branch per customer?

The whole source code sums up to about 2000 VIs.

The EXE and the plugins have subVIs in common (some that are user.lib and some that are part of the project).

Any advice greatly appriciated.

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