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Variant Config: format timestamps in human readable form

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Currently, saving a date/timestamp to a config file saves it like this:

Time Stamp = "00000000ÍAm#ß~p0000000000"


I'd much prefer they be formatted like:

Time Stamp = "2013-02-13T16:17:39.873Z"


I realize this may run into some localization issues, but I'm fine with defaulting to the ISO 8601 format (or, you could change the "float number format" terminal to a generic "format string" input, and have float/time format strings line-delimited).  The code to do so already exists in "Format Variant Into String", it checks if a waveform is a datestamp type before writing.  This just needs to be ported over to the "Write key (variant)" VI (and correspondingly, to the read VI as well). 

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I wonder if anyone has ever saved Timestamps needing better than millisecond precision in a config file.  That would be the potential issue with this suggestion.

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