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Dynamic Names and Values from Variants

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Hi there!

I've played around with a piece of my Programm where I have to create an array of clusters where a cluster has two emenents: a NAME and a VALUE for the specific name.

I Would like to use something like the firt Screenshot as an Input (Bundle the Variables to a cluster).

Then, inside the SubVI I would like to generate said Array of Clusters based on the Label of the Controls that I use as Inputs to the cluster.


As a Result I would like to get something like this:


The thing is that I can't seem to get the Data out of the Variant - On the Frontpanel, the indicator for the variant shows all the information I need...


How do I get the Information out of there? Any Ideas?

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Use the Variant Attribute.  You can have an attribute named "Potato" and set the value to 100.  Then Set another attribute (on the same variant) called "Apple" with a value of 13.  Then read the attribute with the name "Potato" and you will get your 100 back.  You will need to tell the Read Attribute function what the data type of Potato is but that's the only catch.

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