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New Podcast Series about NIWeek

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    • By The Q
      Join us at NIWeek 2019!
      Contributors of labviewwiki.org, (including future contributors), can add to their ribbon collection by finding an admin during NIWeek or at the LAVA BBQ!
      See you there!

    • By jonooh
      Hi All
      Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this on but I wanted to let the community know about a new LabVIEW podcast series I am running - The Quick Drop Podcast
      QDP LogoQDP is a community driven podcast that I want to use to talk about LabVIEW and engineering/Science in general via a medium that I don't think we currently make the most of.
      So far we have 2 episodes which are available on most podcast platforms (i'll link some below too):
      Ep 0.1 -  Intro:
      A brief intro to me & rasons behind the podcast
      Ep 1.0 -  NI Linux Real-Time Controllers with Neil Crossan:
      I am Joined by Neil Crossan, a Certified LabVIEW Architect, TestStand Developer & Certified Professional Instructor who works in ATE development.

      Neil shares his experiences with the cRIO platform & some headwinds he's had using the current platform as well as addressing some of the ways he's customised and optimised the NI Linux Real-Time OS.
      I am actively looking for more people to do episodes on, so if you have an idea please contact me:
      E-mail: info@tthequickdroppodcast.com
      Twitter: @quickdroppod
      Apple Podcasts
      J Hobson
      Certified LabVIEW Architect
    • By Mark Balla
      Please see this link for Video downloads 
      The NIWeek 2017 Videos are uploaded to the ftp server.
      Please see this link for information on downloading the videos.
    • By Ed Dickens
      Since I haven't seen anything...
      Who's up for our annual Sunday evening gathering at The Gingerman?
    • By Cat
      Am I the last person on Earth to realize that NIWeek is moving to May in 2017?!?
      Clueless Cat
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