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Comparing Two Arrays

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What I have is two different files with about 150 different elements each.  These files could have the same elements or could have different ones, so what I need to do is create an array which returns the elements which match from one array with the rest of the row in that array... It's difficult to explain but say these are the two files:


array 1                                                      array 2

A                    1                                        A

B                    2                                        B

C                    3                                        E

D                    4                                        F

E                    5                                        G

F                    6                                        H

G                   7

H                    8



I need a new Array which would be


array 3

A                 1

B                 2

E                 5

F                 6

G                7

H                 8



I tried this, but what happens is that if, say there were 3 less elements in the second array than the first, my code causes it to take off the last 3 elements in the array instead of the three which were missing

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I wander if you can take out the other values,the ones that are not match. I try with conditional for loop wit negate.. nothing seems to work....

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15 hours ago, crossrulz said:

If you want to use Conditional Terminals, I would do something like this.

Compare Arrays_BD.png

yes, the method is good and simple to realize。

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Sorry I have two excel files with a column of unique numbers respectively. The first column is complete and does not undergo changes, the second column appears to be with the same column but with a lower number of elements.

I converted the excel files into 2D arrays even if only the first column is the one compiled about 900 fields of numbers only

I should look for the array missing elements in the first column. I tried to adapt the "crossrulz" *.VI but I can't find the correct solution


ARRAY 1  COMPLETE          ARRAY 2                            RESULT

1                                                     1                                       -

2                                                     -                                        2

3                                                      3                                       -                                      
could you please help me?


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If you have LV 2019, this will be faster if your array gets large enough*



* "large enough" varies by CPU and memory of specific hardware.

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