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Read Images from Excel

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Hey all,

I'm working on a project which uses Excel spreadsheets as a script to run tests.  Something I'd like to be able to do is embed images into the spreadsheet, then call them at points throughout the test.  This would be so that all we need to run the test is the excel file, and there won't be any issues if a secondary image file is missing because it wasn't installed at the same time our script was.


I have figured out how, in Excel, to embed images into comments which can be associated with cells, but I can't determine how to read those comments in LabView...  I would have assumed there would be a "Value" property of a comment, but I can't determine how to get to that.


If anyone can assist in either helping me to get picture data into an Excel cell, or by determining how to read the value of a comment, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!

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As far I know in Excel (also with VBA coding) it's not possible to get the original picture out of a comment. Therefore you would have no chance in LabView too.
The most popular workaround in VBA is to copy comment as Picture to clipboard, but you get it (including text) in the size of your Excel comment.
Translated to LabView:


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