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Problem with DAQmx Physical Channel control


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Dear LabVIEW community!


I have installed LabVIEW, v13.0f02, 32-bit on my PC. The problem, which I face, is that DAQmx Physical Channel controls, which are used in VIs inside the LV projects, sometimes don't show me the list of DAQ devices - I can't expand the list at all. I push the button to expand the list, but nothing helps.

But when I create VIs outside the project, and put there DAQmx Physical Channel control - everything works well.

Note: devices are simulated via MAX.

Is it some kind of bug in 2013 vesrion of LabVIEW? Because while using LV 2012 I didn't have such headache.

The only thing that helps now - is to restart PC (laptop) several times; b/c restart of LV doesn't help.

Can anyone suggest, what it can be, and how to fix this problem?


Thank you very much in advance!

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Do you have all the DAQmx drivers and such loaded?  Check and make sure you have all drivers on your new system the same as your old system.

Thank you very much for your reply!


I have checked my DAQmx drivers, they are ok. Such problem appears when I open VIs in the projects, or when some LV projects windows are opened. Even when I'm trying to use NI Examples from the Examples Finder, DAQmx Physical Channel controls don't work. And if I close opened projects, and open only single VIs, everything works OK. And its terrible, because every time when I start my PC, I don't know, if it will work or not...

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