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How I can create this pattern in labview?

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I'm doing a project in which I want to create this pattern that I attached.

The pattern of nine points have to know its coordinates. If anyone can give me any idea how to do this in labview, I would appreciate

Thank you



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You gave very little details on what you actually want.  At face value I could suggest copying a picture to the front panel and that would satisfy your request.  But this obviously isn't what you want.  Creating interacting objects as an image in LabVIEW can be done several ways.  Look on the Graphics and Sound >> Picture Functions.  Here you can draw things into a 2D picture control.  IMAQ also has various image tools too.

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@infinitenothing, there is a very high chance that the person you're responding to doesn't know how to use LabVIEW snippets.

If this is true it is a shame.  The snippet tool is very neat.  Not as neat at CCT but it ships with LabVIEW so you know it is already there.  In any case here is some more information on the snippet tool.



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@infinitenothing, there is a very high chance that the person you're responding to doesn't know how to use LabVIEW snippets.


Fortunately, if you can't get them to work as intended, they gracefully fall back to "draw something that looks like this picture" mode ;)

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