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Preferred Industrial PC?

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We've used a couple but the one I remember liking was by Supermicro, can't seem to find the model.  A new standard 3U or 4U rack mount computer is probably going to be around $1K, but I think we budget for $2K.  Something that looks like this one, but no with 8 ISA slots.  ;)



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I expect the industrial computers I use (Advantech, Axiomtek, Nematron, Dynix...) to be 1600 to 3500 USD. Some of those are rack-mount with 14 PCI slots, some are panel mount touchscreen with three PCI/PCIe slots. A Dell desktop with similar specs will run 600-900 USD. Some companies perform serious tests to make sure the hardware and software work together without issue; this will cost more (Nematron does this). Some companies will assemble exactly what you order, even if it doesn't work together (Axiomtek sold me system with hard drives that were not meant to work in a RAID so the mirror was never created). Sometimes you think it's a supplier issue, but it's an issue everyone is having (there was an quality issue with the PCI bridges every backplane manufacturer used about 10 years ago). So far, the one that doesn't have a 2+ week turn around on warranty issues has been the most expensive.

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