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    • By torekp
      Supposedly there are Labview tools available at
      But whenever I try to register or login, nothing happens.  (Also, I try to think, but nothing happens.)  Are there any other Labview codes that use the Windows Memory-Mapped Files functions, or should I just reinvent this wheel?  By the way, here is a Microsoft document on the subject: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms810613.aspx
    • By _Y_
      We use USB-connected Microsoft Smart Card Reader. The devise crashes sometimes. It does not happen often thus search for the reason could take time.
      The only way to get the devise functioning again, is to open Device Manager, click Uninstall then Scan for hardware changes (that installs the Reader again).
      Is there any method to do this from LabVIEW? I.e. send commands to reinstall the USB device?
      I know this could be a bad fix. However, it can help in long-time tests (while we are searching for reason of these crushes).
      Thank you
    • By Jillu Pravin
      Hi all ,
      Need help regarding the Vi i have made which works fine with labVIEW pane.Which i need to capture in windows screen.
      I have attached the vi which works great in labVIEW pane and records each event of click inside the pane.i haven't find any options in event structure for capturing mouse events out side the pane (ie which captures windows UI ) .  I know i could make it with while loop capturing mouse coordinates still i feel its not a reliable way to record .So please let me know how to make it in Event structure or is there any reliable way to make without event structure.
      Capture tool LabVIEWpane.vi
    • By Kunal Nayak
      Hy Everyone,
      I want to do speech recognition using windows speech in labview. Any great way to start this? Or is there any way I can do that.
      Kind regards
    • By Remarq
      Hey guys.
      I need a simple game(not 15 puzzle,snake or tetris). Just need a link,no matter  who create.
      I will be very grateful
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