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Memory mapped files, Windows

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Supposedly there are Labview tools available at


But whenever I try to register or login, nothing happens.  (Also, I try to think, but nothing happens.)  Are there any other Labview codes that use the Windows Memory-Mapped Files functions, or should I just reinvent this wheel?  By the way, here is a Microsoft document on the subject: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms810613.aspx

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There's another way to achieve (almost) memory-mapped files.


If you read from (or write to) a file, Windows automatically memory-maps that portion of the file as long as RAM is available for it.  Although this mapping is not forced (it can be negated by other processes requesting RAM - then disk write and read is via disk and a lot slower) it can still be of great use.  If you need very fast write speed or read / write speed, pre-write (or pre-read) the file before your actually important work.  Chances are that Windows will already do this in memory but with the added benefit of eventually persisting it to disk.  If you want to purposefully AVOID persisting to disk, then just ignore my entire post. :P

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