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LabVIEW Ribbon Interface

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When opening it, looks for SubVIs under the LV2015 folder, and I have to manually browse for them and get a Conflict notification.

After that does it open and run properly?  I really should install some other versions of LabVIEW, for stuff like this.

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I've back saved it to 2011, but it will make the code even uglier than it was already, because I used some of the conditional tunnels, and concatenating tunnels, on for loops.  Back saving code that uses these features earlier than 2011, makes functionally equivalent code, but uglies up the block diagram.


Making a good XControl is not an easy task.  And in this case you need to try to think efficiently.  If I update the top tab area with a property node, we need to only redraw that.  Same with inserting a new button or group, or tab.

Ribbon Interface Test 2011.zip

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Oh my good... Yeah Clean up... 

Hey I didn't see anyone else posting code on this topic.  Besides I wanted there to be alot of flexibility.



I think it's possible but you are using external dll... I'm wondering how it will work in a xcontrol. I never try to use dll in XControl.

I'm not using any external DLL, just .NET for the image scaling.  But even so why should that matter in an XControl?  An XControl is just a VI that calls some external interface like any other VI.


The image scaling could be done natively but wouldn't support alpha layers which is kinda important for this, and it would be much slower, and the scaled image wouldn't look as good, I've tried.

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