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Smaller cursor length on waveform graph

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The cursors on the chart/graph/xy plot controls go to the extents.To get a line like in your pictures you would have to do something like a picture control underneath a graph with a clear background. The cursor line would be on the picture control. There would be a bit of math to draw the line and events to keep the two synchronized.



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A couple of extra comments:


  1. You don't need a separate control. Graphs have a Plot Image property which allows you to draw custom images in the control itself. The control should also have a couple of methods for converting between the relevant coordinate systems.
  2. You can configure the cursor style itself to be just the crosshairs, but I assume that's too small for you.
  3. You could add another plot which is your line. I usually work with XY graphs, where this is easy. I'm not sure what the exact details would be for a waveform graph. You can use the cursor events to update the values of this plot.
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