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SQlite update time

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Use a prepared statement and a transaction. Your current implementation requires writing for each iteration which is slow obviously. Check out the "Insert many rows code template" on the SQLite Library >> Code Templates palette. The prepared statement will allow you to use binding which is very useful as it maintains data types in your application. See following Picture for an example (I can't test it right now, but it should work like that):

Update With Prepared Statement And Transaction.png

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Way better :thumbup1:

Still you perform many write operations by executing the SQL in a loop without a transaction. The more values you have, the slower your loop becomes. Your current implementation might result in incomplete data in case of SQL errors (you can't undo your actions)! Try to add a transaction around your loop (It's very easy to do, costs nothing and is at least worth a try):

Add Transaction.png

Transactions will prevent file-writes for as long as they are not committed (this is why it might save you some more time). By calling the Commit VI at the end, all data will be written in one go. In case of errors you can just reverse everything by doing a rollback (The Commit VI will do a rollback on error automatically).

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Rollback is done automatically by the Commit VI
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