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Developing VI script through C code

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Can I create a VI using just C code? I have a C code which has some complex function with inputs suppose x, y and outputs p and q. I want to know whether we can create a VI (with/without VI scripting) from whose control panel, we can control the inputs x,y and be able to see the outputs p and q without bothering about the function(which is included in the C code). I don't want to use importing .dll files(which many may suggest), instead create labview blocks/objects on the block diagram of the VI file.

Please throw some light on how to do if it's possible.

Thanks in advance.

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On 10-8-2016 at 11:20 AM, Sai Ram Krishna said:

I know it's cross posted but I haven't got any proper response, that's why trying here.

Basically, if you have working C code that compiles and operates fine and can be put in an isolated unit to work and be called, then the DLL path is going to be by far the most simple solution, unless your C code is pretty trivial and can be translated easily into LabVIEW code. And an automatic C to LabVIEW translation tool is probably never going to happen. C is simply to low level and its syntax way to terse that you have any change to translate that properly into another language without heavy user assistence, to interpret and understand what the C code is trying to do.

You mentioned that you don't want that answer, but it's simply the only answer I can give. If you don't believe me you are free to try to proof that it can be done by developing such a translation program. Good luck on that!

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