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We appreciate your activity here on the forum...but could you work on completing your thought.  Is this an NI question?  Is this a service and support question?  If so contact them directly.  Also it appears ass isn't on any filter of bad language so that's good to know.

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1 minute ago, lordexod said:

Maybe if I ask on the public forum maybe someone will wake up and fix it.

Nope.  I mean you breaking your NDA with NI is one thing, but an NI employee breaking their NDA with NI by posting on LAVA would be career suicide.  If you have questions about super secret private special stuff, you should ask questions in the designated super secret private special forum.

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12 hours ago, lordexod said:

This is NI internal "super secret private special" support service question.:D

Maybe if I ask on the public forum maybe someone will wake up and fix it.

This is not the official NI forum. Very few NI staff (who can actually fix your issue) come here.

You're trying catch fish by shooting a rifle towards the sky... ;)

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LAVA has generally been about as little censorship as possible.  Nothing in this post is explicitly crossing the line.  It doesn't link to Warez and Crackz, and it doesn't mention piracy.  It mentions a few things that could incriminate someone, but unless that someone asks a mod to delete it I see no reason to remove it.  Of course I'm not the only moderator here and someone else could choose to remove it.

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  • 4 months later...

I have no access to the official NI NXG 2.0 forum, so I will write here.


1. In "NationalInstruments.NIWebBrowserSupport.dll" - instead of the external library "CoherentUI (CEF)" could by use the "WebBrowser" control from "PresentationFramework.dll" https://www.dotnetperls.com/webbrowser-wpf

2. In C Node - Instead of compiling the code in c using CVI, could by use the Ch interpreter and SDK https://www.softintegration.com/products/ .

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