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Object tracking - virtual draw, paint

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On 2017. 04. 20. at 2:33 AM, infinitenothing said:
  1. Double click the "Build XY Graph" express VI. 
  2. Uncheck clear data on each call.

Also, you don't have to subtract 1080 or 720 from each x,y pair. You can just click on the top most number on an axis (eg 720) and enter in 0. That will make it so that small y values are plotted at the top.

How to  lifts up the pen and puts it down?

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On 4/30/2017 at 7:08 AM, Nerich34 said:

Dear Infinitenothing!

I would like to ask for some help. What is under the False value?

Thank you very much.

I attach the vi.


I just saw this post. That's a VI snippet. You can drag it (might have to save it to disk first?) and drop it onto your block diagram. You'll get all the cases (both true and false). The "pen" false case just has the pink wire wired through (don't make any changes) and the "previous pen" false case looks like the image below

As for getting the "mouse status", maybe try acquire input data.vi

store initial points.PNG

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