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LVOOP and TestStand


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Next week I am teaching a LVOOP course and my students use TestStand a lot and I expect to get questions regarding the use of LVOOP and TestStand. The things I have heard are:

- TestStand does not recognize LVOOP Objects, so the developper has to flatten the Object Reference to string and then pass the string to TestStand, and viceversa, if they get the flattened Object they need to unflatten to string in LabVIEW: http://digital.ni.co...62573A9004C5A07

- Dynamic dispatch is lost

Are there any other tips/tricks/myths I should be aware of?



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One thing the page does not mention: TestStand cannot directly invoke dynamic dispatch VIs. You must create a static dispatch VI as a wrapper for the dynamic dispatch call. This limitation is expected to be eliminated in the next version of TestStand.

According to the post here, TestStand 2010 SP1 (released August 2011) supports dynamic dispatching. Is there a KB entry regarding this? I could not find anything. It would be useful to summarize the LVOOP features and limitations by version of TestStand.

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