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winMIF and .NET Issues installing LV Build

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Hi Everyone,

Most of the time I am able to find solutions to my issues just by reading this forum but I wasn't that lucky this time.

So, i got an issue when i'm trying to install my build.

I got the following message: "This distribution is built with an older version of winMIF that is not compatible with .NET 4.6.2 upgrade to 17.0"

When googling this error message or even "winMIF" i can't find anything that match my request :(
I tried to uninstall the .NET framework and then reinstall the 4.0 (and 3.5) and I got the same issue. (Exactly the same error even if it's .NET 4.0 or 3.5 ...)

The computer used to build is a Win7Pro with Labview 16.
The target computer is a WES7 (but I got the same issue on my dev computer ...)

In advance thank you, 


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Thank you Scottish Moose, you were right about the additionnal packages.

So, quick update :
I made a new build from scratch and let Labview manage the additional installers. That way I was able to install the build.
But when manually adding NI MAX 16, I'm back to the issue explained before...

I temporarely fixed this by downloading NI System Configuration package (16.1) and installing it manually on the target computer. 

The good point is that I'm now able to do the tests I wanted to do yesterday. No more 'emergency' :) ...
Bad point is that my problem is still there. Because I need an installer with NI MAX ... (But of course if there's no solution I'll install it manually...)
Is there any know issues with NI MAX / dotNet 4.6.2 / WES7 / LV16 ??

I will continue my investigations and keep you up to date with my progress.

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