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winMIF and .NET Issues installing LV Build

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Hi Everyone,

Most of the time I am able to find solutions to my issues just by reading this forum but I wasn't that lucky this time.

So, i got an issue when i'm trying to install my build.

I got the following message: "This distribution is built with an older version of winMIF that is not compatible with .NET 4.6.2 upgrade to 17.0"

When googling this error message or even "winMIF" i can't find anything that match my request :(
I tried to uninstall the .NET framework and then reinstall the 4.0 (and 3.5) and I got the same issue. (Exactly the same error even if it's .NET 4.0 or 3.5 ...)

The computer used to build is a Win7Pro with Labview 16.
The target computer is a WES7 (but I got the same issue on my dev computer ...)

In advance thank you, 


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Is this a simple installer package?  Do you have any add-on installers in your installer file?  Might be worth checking the 'additional installers' page and see if there's something checked there that might contribute.  If so try removing all additional installers and retrying the install to see if it'll take.  

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Thank you Scottish Moose, you were right about the additionnal packages.

So, quick update :
I made a new build from scratch and let Labview manage the additional installers. That way I was able to install the build.
But when manually adding NI MAX 16, I'm back to the issue explained before...

I temporarely fixed this by downloading NI System Configuration package (16.1) and installing it manually on the target computer. 

The good point is that I'm now able to do the tests I wanted to do yesterday. No more 'emergency' :) ...
Bad point is that my problem is still there. Because I need an installer with NI MAX ... (But of course if there's no solution I'll install it manually...)
Is there any know issues with NI MAX / dotNet 4.6.2 / WES7 / LV16 ??

I will continue my investigations and keep you up to date with my progress.

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