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H.264 video file

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Hi! Now I am writing a real time acquire and save to video file program.But 1080*720, 30 fps, it generates a lot of video data via the camera, about 20s for 1G bits. H.264 is a open source encode, how can I use the encoder to convert avi to mp4 or directly generate a mp4 file, has anyone who had achieved the effect?Thanks!

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Thanks for your suggestion, but it is a exe file, cannot be used in the labview program, I need a H.264 dll file or a  encapsulated function API for calling. And another question there is only one video type(avi format), if I had  encapsulated a dll file, whether or not it must firstly generate a avi file, then convert to mp4. Or maybe I have to encapsulated there function(create mp4 flie, acquire mp4, and close mp4 file), it's very hard for me.

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On 2017/12/10 at 1:04 AM, ensegre said:

Thanks, I know the two vi, but I had install a h.264 and FFMPEG encoder, but it can't be found in the system, I don't know what's wrong with the question. I had tried to compare the video size of many video encoder and investigated in the website, the result is h.264 encoder is the best, it offers the minimum size  with guaranteeing image quality. So how can install the h.264 encoder and found it in the system?

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