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[CR] 55 easily distinguishable color.vi

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55 easily distinguishable color.vi

This is the only way I found how to have a bunch of color that are unique and easily distinguishable. The maximum I saw in the web was about 26. This one offer 55 of them without gray tone. You can modify this VI to support gray tone as well and goes up to 60 colors.


Please use the new version at: New version


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Sir, iam trying to use your grbl code for my xy plotter project using arduino and labview.

my doubt is that is it ok if i just connect the arduino [ with cnc shield ] in which the grbl is flashed, with the pc ?

and should i copy the g code in the commands control?

where will i input the g code my xy plotter to plot with my xy plotter?

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I think you posted in the wrong place.

But there is where to start.

Install the firmware in your Arduino +shield (Need to be GRBL 1.1)

Then using the toolkit, you can control the XYZ plotter by giving the coordinate. This is not a G code interpreter, it is a tool to control the position of the XYZ.

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