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This tool-set gives access to all the 1-wire TMEX functionality.

I was able to access 1-wire memory with this library.

It has all the basic VI to allow communication with any 1-wire device on the market.

It needs to be used in a project so the selection of the .dll 64 bit or 32 bit is done automatically.

It works with the usb and the serial 1-wire adapter.

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Hi Benoit,

Thank you for the code.

I have PCB with MAXIM IC Max17312 and it uses one wire communication.

I have DS9490R one wire adapter and DS9481-37C one wire adapter. Both the adapter can detect the target IC (MAX17312) with their MAXIM software.

And I'm trying to communicate through this anyone of the adapters mentioned above.

What I did was,

1. Got your code

2.converted to LV2012

3. Since my LV2012 is 32bit, so I selected ibfs32.dll file

And I gave the input value for port number and I'm getting error code from call dynamic library as -201.

I have few questions

1. will code works for these adapter?

2. If so, Can you tell me what to do for the next step?





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2 minutes ago, forest74 said:


Thanks for posting the code. It is very helpful. I am interested in trying to get the file operations working. Do you have any suggestions?



Hello Mike, It's been a while I created this library. I was never a big fan of the file function. So I never used it. I am afraid you will have to do some coding and research.


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I have 1 temperature sensor (DS18B20) connected to USB - serial COM5. DS9097E is correctly detected by Maxim's software.



I modified the config file as follows:

PortType possible values=DS9097E, DS1410E, DS9097U or DS9480, DS9490R or DS9490B
EnhancedOptions=Not use


I changed the all the nodes to winapi call mode and the error was gone.

Now I have another problem: the "find devices" does not find anything and I have this strange error:




Where can I look and what should I look for?


Also, I can't seem to find a VI for temperature reading. Is it because there none or because I didn't look carefully enough?


PS -

Another detail:

With program "digitemp.exe" (can find it in https://usbtemp.com/)  everything works correctly, so I am sure there is no problem with hardware.


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