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Thanks for the update.

We saw the auto download issue in testing and it appeared to be fixed for Chrome and IE for Windows. 

None of my testers were using Macs so it is good to get that feedback.

I put a note about Firefox in the original post.

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I loved the old FTP site; it was easy to download multiple items.

This new site seems to only allow two downloads at a time, and you have to manually download each one.

Is there any way to multi download?

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I was attempting to visit the LabVIEW Videos website and was met with the a screen saying that the server wasn't found. Initially I thought that this might have been a Firefox issue but I tried on Chrome as well and ran into similar issues. It also seems that the email for the comments etc did not exist at this time. Have the videos migrated to another place?

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On 6/19/2020 at 3:11 PM, Michael Aivaliotis said:

I discussed with @Mark Balla and we figured out a way to get all the old videos that used to be on the Tecnova site up to Youtube. It will take a few days but this is in progress. Probably within a week all the videos should be up. I will update this thread with progress.

I'm seeing a lot of activity on the LabVIEW Wiki Youtube channel.  So it does look like things are progressing!

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