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OpenG Zip 4.2?

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Thank you for this report. It is not intentional at all but rather a potential problem as the two versions are not meant to be used alongside with possible cross linking causing many nasty problems.

I'm still busy working on 4.3 which will be a full release and have in the underlaying levels many completely incompatible changes, so it will be important to make sure it replaces any other versions in an exesting install (not machine wide but inside a specific LabVIEW installation). So if you can let me know about the actual changes you made I will try to incorporate that. I wasn't aware that the Package Name/Display Name was considered an identifying package identification feature and only assumed that the Package Name/Name was used, (which would make more sense).

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Thanks, good to know.  I took your 4.1.0 release (maybe it was b2?) and edited it to make a package that was considered an upgrade.  I thought the changes I made were to the displayed name and version.  But now that I try to do the same with the 4.2 release in this thread I can't make it work.  I keep copying more stuff from the existing spec to the new one and it isn't working...I'll keep playing around and let you know if I get anything conclusive.

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Okay I edited the spec file to start with the following:

[Package Name]
Display Name="OpenG LabVIEW ZIP Library"

Then I zipped the source back up and renamed the zip to oglib_lvzip-4.2.0-1.ogp.  I then installed the package and it didn't say "Upgrade" but instead said "Install".  But after installing there was only one entry and the result was the upgrade was successful.

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