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I am a sucker for old promo videos

Neil Pate

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I still have my "Power to Make It Simple" tee shirt that I "won" at the end of my three-day Basics I class (I think it was fall of '97... does that seem right?).  The black is pretty faded.  I was excited to upgrade from 4.1 and try out the miraculous "undo".  And real multithreading (under NT 4.0)...

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Now we are digressing a bit but I also have an old piece of marketing I like to show off inconspicuously.  At NI Week the last few years NI has various buttons that say phrases for that years' theme.  Usually people grab a handful of buttons and put them on the lanyard you wear with your badge on it.  I won't go too over board but I'll grab a few and put them on, but mixed in with them is a LabVIEW 7 Express pin I was given years ago by someone that was at NI Week the year LabVIEW 7.0 Express was released.  It is old enough that it is starting to rust on the back a bit but LabVIEW 7 (and 7.1) were my favorite versions for a long time so I wear them.  Last year someone was looking at my various buttons and saw that and asked where they could get the retro NI Week pins and I had to explain where it came from.

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Reading twenty-plus-year old articles like that really starts to make me feel ancient.  I was about to reply with the obligatory grumble about preferred-case spelling ("it's LabVIEW!"), and instead looked up the author.  Found out he passed away just before MacWorld Expo 2007.

Thanks for locating and posting this.


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On 9/9/2022 at 12:31 PM, David Boyd said:

Thanks, Dataflow_G!  I really needed to see all those CRT monitors to be reminded of the passage of time...

There's a bar I go to by my house that is a bit of a hole in the wall.  They have flat panel modern TVs, but the wall mounts for all of them are huge where the CRTs once sat.  Its funny to me to see such a thin light TV, sitting on a wall mount that could probably hold 300 pounds.

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