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Can't access lavag.org using browsers other than IE

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I've been having this issue for some time now (probably since the end of last year), if I use Chrome (or Firefox) to access LAVA G, it hardly ever works (doesn't show the website).  It works reliably using IE but I prefer not to use IE anymore if possible because websites are beginning to warn me that it won't be supported for much longer.


Are others also seeing this behavior?




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3 hours ago, bmoyer said:

if I use Chrome (or Firefox) to access LAVA G, it hardly ever works (doesn't show the website).

LAVA opens fine for me in Edge 80.0, Chrome 80.0, and Firefox 74.0.

What happens if you try on a different computer? What happens if you try in Incognito/Private mode?

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It's working at this moment actually now it's not (on Chrome), but the issue comes and goes (it doesn't work more times than not).  Incognito mode is disabled by IT here.  When it happens I will try clearing the cache.  It happens on both my laptop and my workstation.  I installed and tried Firefox yesterday and that was having the same issue.




LavaG not found.png

LavaG not found 2.png

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8 hours ago, bmoyer said:

The issue comes and goes (it doesn't work more times than not).  Incognito mode is disabled by IT here.


Clearing the cache and history and logging out of Chrome didn't help.  :(

Judging by your screenshots, there is a problem with the DNS server that your Chrome and Firefox are trying to use. IT might have configured your Internet Explorer's DNS settings differently. I recommend asking IT for help -- describe your issue to them and show them your screenshots. Mention that the DNS server works reliably for Internet Explorer but not for Chrome/Firefox.

(I'll qualify my previous question: "What happens if you try on a different computer that is not managed by your IT department?")

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Thanks everyone for giving suggestion and helping out other users.  This is outside of my expertise and all I could give is a shrug and pass it along to Michael.  It seems like this is isolated to a user, or a couple of user's setup and not a wide spread issue.  If there is any real issue with LAVAG I can pass it along.

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Thanks for your replies.  It's probably a problem on our internal network, since I can log in from home on my personal computer just fine using Chrome and FIrefox. I was just wondering if anyone has experienced this since it's so difficult getting corporate IT to start working on something like this, and the process of explaining and trying to convince over and over has been a pain (based on past experience).  My local IT person is aware of the issue, but it's not clear when or if this will get fixed.


Thanks for you help!


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