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Copy image data to clipboard

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Hi all!

My brain and google skills stopped working and I can't believe there's no simple solution to this.

I have image data (not a displayed image) and I want to copy it to the clipboard. All solutions I found was using getimage or exportimage, which means a dummy indicator and also a small border around the picture (I would use it if I could get rid of that border).

Is there a more sophisticated/simpler method to copy the actual image data/picture? I'm on Windows so it can be platform dependent. Wrapping Clipboard.SetImage would be a solution but maybe some of you have a code sitting around.

Thanks in advance.

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Glad you found a solution.  Keep in mind I think that method only works if you have the front panel loaded into memory.  I saw a clipboard API years ago but can't seem to find it now, which would probably work in that edge case better.

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Yes, I forgot to add this notion to the post. Not a biggie though, it means that's it's not so practical to subVI this function.
My other concern about such a solution that I'm not sure it works on older platforms if the dummy is off-screen. That's why I placed the dummy on screen and toggled its visibility, but it's not needed nowadays. But I didn't care to test...

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