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Synchronizing two PXIe in one Chassis


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I would like to synchronize a PXIe 6356 (connected to a BNC 2110) and a PXIe 4492, which are installed in the same chassis. Since I unfortunately couldn't get it to work, I wanted to ask if someone could help me with my problem.
With synchronous I mean: The measurements of both PXIe should start at the same time and should take out the measured values at the same time. Possibly it would work with a digital trigger, but unfortunately I don't know how to implement this in Labview and how to wire it. So at least I know that the PXIe 4492 has a PFI0 socket. The BNC 2110 has much more digital connectors. Please find attached my VI.

Thanks for the help in advance.



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You will have to setup the triggering, similar to the snippet below. I don't have those DAQs, so I can't test it.

Edit: You might have to do SW trigger, Each DAQ will have its own trigger source (PFI0), and the software will generate a transition on both lines.


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