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How to add buttons to the Project Window

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There is also a presentation on youtube, which I found helpful:


FWIW, a few lessons learned:

  • The project provider VIs have to be installed in the LabVIEW resource folder.  Distributing this through VIPM makes this super easy to specify this install location, and also turn on "require LabVIEW to restart" after install
  • You have to restart LabVIEW to test code changes
  • The code executes in a separate LabVIEW context.  This can cause some weird behavior, I found that not all code runs in this context safely
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For what it's worth, the INI file and INI file signing isn't that big of a pain.  Somewhere in the links posted previously is an INI signing tool.  NI basically open-sourced this.  Do it once, and never worry about it again.

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Now I don't think it is completely fair to take what someone said during a presentation, and quote them out of context.  But I just love this from Darren's presentation:


If you see somebody talking about writing a provider, slap them.

If NI had a replacement for Project Providers that was documented and stable and all that, then I won't suggest anyone make a Project Provider plugin.  Until then I say there is a time and place for them, just knowing the edge cases, documentation, and support issues.  I think Darren's presentation does a good job of cautioning others.

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