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VIpreVIEW - Interactive VI preview


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I really don't see how NI could possible have a legal leg to stand on against a NEW file format , i.e. a template for a script to generate VIs from a given input file.....

If speaking as generally as "creating new file format" I would agree. But how specificaly how should this format look like to be usable? It should more or less strictly reflect internal LabVIEW class hierarchy and this may already be treated as reverse engineering - not the VI format, but LabVIEW itself.

And creating such format trying not to mimic class hierarchy? Nonsense - it would look like esoteric programming language (BTW, which of them do you like most? :) )

In my opinion, even thinking about such a format makes no sense as so many aspects of VI is not exposed (even as private classes): from less important like decoration content, to extremly important like recently discussed event structure management.

All we can afford is human readable (limited) macro programming language... but would it be better than just scripting?

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I think the goals of this VI Preview should be limited to a specific use case and narrow in scope in order to be a realistic achievement. I would love to have a tool that we can use on LAVA to upload navigable VI images. We can't assume all LAVA members to be able to read your code in order to support your support discussion. Having these new images will help a lot.

What would be the ultimate is to upload a VI onto LAVA and the server would convert it to an embedded flash. But I'll accept a tool for now. When can we expect a working version we can all try out?

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When can we expect a working version we can all try out?

Hard to say... Most of he problems on LV is solved or is on the straight way. I'm stucked in Flash/ActionScript mess now. The tool I used has its limits and is not developing in direction I expected. There are hundreds of other tools and libraries but it is hard to find something which satisfy my requirements. And for me - still hardly knowing the subject - it is even hard to judge whether my requirements are satisfied...

September should be realistic.

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The attachments for this post appear to have gone missing. Where can I find VIpreVIEW these days?

Here is the latest version I published (I hope). The current version (0.3) is completly rewritten (object oriented) and LabVIEW part is mostly done (parsing and template based script generation). The missing thing is good template and this is blocking me from further development, because it requires ActionScript programming skills which I have no time to learn (which is more complicated considering that I don't have Flash IDE and I use only OS tools). So if anybody here knows what is going on inside Flash, I'm open for cooperation. This would help to unfreeze this project. Of course if community needs something like this in days of snippets...


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